This page has been set up to provide information for anyone at the University with questions or concerns about coronavirus (COVID-19). It will be updated on a regular basis. Updated 08/04/2020.

Following the Government’s announcement (Wednesday 18 March) of new measures to tackle the rapidly escalating Covid19 pandemic and in light of the increasing constraints on travel, we are updating previous updates with the following additional advice and information: 

  • All ARUL buildings will close from 5:30pm on Friday 20th March until further notice.
  • We have (as previously announced) moved fully to online teaching, support and assessment.

All students (UG and PG) will be able to complete their courses and earn their awards. We will fully support all our students’ wellbeing, engagement and progress through online resources and communications.

Please engage fully with your VLE module content and chat rooms, following the guidance of your lecturers.

Contact us on email if you need our help:

We are aware that some students are in need of short-term employment to avoid hardship during this period and our Employability Team have a host of opportunities, so if you need urgent employment please email

All students will be receiving detailed and continuous guidance and support from their course teams and others across ARUL as we implement our online arrangements.  Please stay closely updated through your email and VLE pages.

Please be assured that we will be doing everything we can to help you overcome the challenges ahead, ensuring you can continue your studies and complete your courses. You are our absolute priority, and we will do everything possible to support you over the coming weeks.

FAQs – No Detriment Policy 

I have heard of Universities having a No Detriment policy – does ARU have one?

Yes, we do.  Following wide consultation, we have agreed in principle to introduce a ‘No Detriment’ policy at ARU in recognition of the current global public health situation which will apply for assessment in Trimester 2 and, where relevant, Trimester 3 (this includes any (re)assessment which is happening during Trimesters 2 and 3).  This policy is in addition to the changes we have already made to our mitigation process, and the additional 10 working days we have given to assessment deadlines since 19 March 2020.

What does a No Detriment policy in a University context typically do?

A ‘No Detriment’ policy allows a university, when exceptional circumstances arise, to apply special measures to normal assessment processes in order to minimise the negative impact of circumstances on module outcomes (eg: your final mark for each module).  The current Covid-19 crisis is an example of such exceptional circumstances.

A “No Detriment’ policy is typically applied to all students who complete their assessments for their modules and who pass their modules. Such a policy seeks to ensure that no student who passes their module(s) is disadvantaged by the current circumstances by receiving a lower mark than they may otherwise have attained.  The policy strives to ensure that any assessment completed for the remainder of this academic year can only have a positive impact on module outcomes.

What does ARU’s No Detriment Policy do?

We are currently working on the details of ARU’s policy for the current situation and are working closely with the Students’ Union.  It is important that we take the appropriate amount of time to get our approach right and to ensure that:

  • it covers all different types of student learning 
  • it is easy to understand and transparent to all students and staff;
  • it is simple to administer and does not result in further delays and complexities and, most importantly;
  • the academic standard and integrity of the credit and qualifications that our students attain is maintained, assured and not placed at risk.

So, we are happy to confirm that, like many other UK universities, ARU will introduce a ‘No Detriment’ policy for Trimesters 2 and 3 and that we will publish the full details on how it will operate in the coming weeks once we have completed all the work that needs to be undertaken to prepare the policy.

Our ‘No Detriment’ policy will sit alongside the variety of other measures we have introduced as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, most notably the addition of 10 working days to submission deadlines and revisions to our mitigation process. 

Are there any exceptions?

As you will expect, we are working closely with Professional, Statutory & Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) to ensure that the measures we introduce, including the ‘No Detriment’ policy, will not threaten the accreditation of any courses.  If there are any issues with PSRBs which means we cannot extend our ‘No Detriment’ policy to your course, we will, of course, inform you when we release the full details of the policy. It is our expectation that there will be few, if any, exceptions.

Do I need to do anything now?

All you need to do is to continue to engage with your module and work hard towards completing all the assessment tasks that you have been allocated. Remember, we have added 10 working days to submission deadlines for all tasks and issued details of alternative assessment tasks for modules where the original assessment task (eg: an examination) could no longer be completed because of the current situation. Please be assured, the ‘No Detriment’ policy will not require students to do anything extra.