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Law Society- Talking with Future Peers

The first session of the "Talking with Future Peers" initiative was held by the ARUL Law Society on April 21st. The first guest was Claudia Sylvan, an appointed Magistrate Judge with a professional background in Human Resources and extensive experience in the field of Social Services. Her work has primarily focused on children in foster care and their biological families.

The Law Society members were given the opportunity to ask questions and gain further insights regarding the implementation of legal principles in specific contexts.

Claudya Sylvan discussed the connection between her occupation in the sector of Social Services and the subject matter of Child and Family Law, a topic that is being taught to Level 5 students at our university. Despite their differences, there are similarities between the decision-making processes of Human Resources and a Judge, particularly in regard to difficult decisions. The guest speaker also addressed the topic of Criminal Law, which is a primary focus within the Magistrates' courts.

The aforementioned session proved to be highly beneficial and engaging for all Law Society members, and we extend deep appreciation to Claudya Sylvan for her contributions.

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