Wellbeing Student Mentoring

We hope that your academic journey is a pleasant one, however, at times you may feel that you need extra support and guidance. Our wellbeing mentors are here to support you on a one-to-one basis when you may feel: 

  • A little demotivated
  • Lacking self-esteem
  • Anxious about assignments
  • Lacking social support.
  • Overwhelmed

In order to access the wellbeing mentoring service, please complete a self-referral form (available at the iCentre) or ask your PDT to refer you.

Please note: academic and wellbeing mentoring sessions occur in blocks of 6. If your mentor feels that you may also benefit from support from another service within the team, this will be communicated to you.

Wellbeing Student Advisors

Our wellbeing student advisors are here to support you through any emotional and/or wellbeing difficulties that you may have during your time at ARU London.

Wellbeing student advisors will listen to your needs and will work with you to devise a plan of support to support you during your difficulties. This may include liaising with and referring you to relevant internal and external services.

All services offered within the well being department are based on a confidential, ‘need to know’ basis. ‘Need to know’ is the sharing of sufficient information with key selected people involved in your support. In exceptional circumstances, your personal information may have to be shared without your consent, only if it is urgent or you are unable to give consent. Your information will be kept confidentially in paper and electronic records in accordance with The Data Protection Act (2018) and General Data Protection Regulation (2018).


Our wellbeing resources library contains a variety of e-booklets which you can read online or download. Each e-booklet gives you an overview of an aspect of wellbeing and provides a list of useful, external organisations.

How to be mentally healthy at work

How to cope when supporting someone else

How to Cope with Student Life

How to deal with anger

How to manage stress

Making sense of peer support

Understanding Self-harm

Seeking help for a mental health problem

Understanding depression

Understanding postnatal depression and perinatal mental health

Understanding mental health problems

Understanding anxiety

Understanding eating problems


The following apps are free and can be downloaded from The App Store or Google Play (click on the title of the app to access its link):

Sleepio - digital sleep improvement app

Student Health - 900 pages of reliable health information in one place

Feeling Good - positive mindset

Wellmind - provides advice and tips on how to improve mental health and wellbeing

Toxic thinking - helps to identify and eliminate negative thinking patterns

Emoodji - helps you to monitor your moods at university

Catch it - Helps to manage thoughts and feelings associated with anxiety and depression

For more information about your wellbeing please click here.