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Celebrating Success: ARU London Shines in National Student Survey 2023

ARU London has once again proven its commitment to delivering an exceptional educational experience, as evidenced by the remarkable results of the National Student Survey (NSS) 2023. With an unwavering focus on student satisfaction, ARU London has secured high rankings in multiple categories, further solidifying its position as a premier institution of learning.

According to The Times Higher Education, we proudly achieved a remarkable milestone, securing the #3 spot for overall positivity among higher education institutions in the UK, boasting an impressive rating of 85.3%. This accomplishment is a testament to our commitment to fostering a positive and thriving educational environment.

The NSS, a vital instrument in gauging student contentment, evaluates a diverse range of aspects related to the academic journey. This year's survey, employing a standardized measurement across 26 questions answered by all UK undergraduates, delves into seven fundamental themes: teaching, learning opportunities, assessment and feedback, academic support, organization, and management, learning resources, and student voice.

ARU London's performance in the NSS 2023 has been nothing short of outstanding, with impressive accomplishments in several categories:

  • Exceptional learning opportunities: When students were asked "To what extent does your course have the right balance of direct and independent study?”, ARU London emerged as the top contender among all UK universities. Surpassing the average by an impressive 11.57 points, our institution has garnered the first rank for providing exceptional learning opportunities, as highlighted by the survey.
  • Top organisation and management: When asked “How well were any changes to teaching on your course communicated?” students ranked us first in comparison to other higher education institutions, 12.66 higher than the national average.
  • Engaging Teaching: When asked “How often do teaching staff make the subject engaging?” ARU London scored 87.56 which is 7.29 higher than the national average. This recognition highlights our educators' unwavering commitment to igniting curiosity and driving meaningful learning experiences, ranking 7th when compared to other universities. 
  • Great Student Voice and Wellbeing: When asked “How well communicated was information about your university/college's mental wellbeing support services?” we were ranked first in the country when compared to other universities at 87.61%. 

Such exceptional achievements in these diverse categories showcase ARU London's dedication to creating an environment where every student thrives and flourishes. As a dynamic and forward-thinking institution, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence, constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.

The National Student Survey (NSS) 2023 is an independent survey that gathers final-year undergraduate students' opinions on the quality of their courses.

*Based on questions 1-24.

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