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Student Life

Student Discounts

We support a Student Society that plays a large part in organising the social activities and ongoing changes that take place at university.

The Student Society is run by students with support from ARU London and provides a social forum as well as the chance to network with students on other courses.

As activities are planned and organised by students, members get the chance to practise key business skills including marketing, budgeting and managing people. Every activity or club is a chance to learn as well as enjoy. In recent months the Society has organised a number of parties, sports events, visits to London attractions, talents contests as well as guest lectures featuring speakers from the world of business.

Active Student Council

At ARU London, your opinions matter. We are committed to listening to our students and taking their views into account in the development of our course and their delivery.

Over the course of your time at ARU London, you will be offered a number of opportunities to provide feedback on your course and your lecturers, and to have your say generally on how the University is run. The University regularly conducts surveys and student representatives sit on a number of ARU London's Committees.

ARU London’s Student Council serves as the official student voice. Chaired by the President, who is elected from amongst the student representatives, the Council has the specific responsibility of representing the interests of the student body and of communicating any issues raised by faculty or administration to students.

Sitting on the Student Council also builds key business skills for students: communication methods, formal meetings, minutes and decision making. This all adds to a graduate’s CV and goes some way to explaining the popularity and competition for places.

Student Discounts and Benefits

Being a student gives you to access various discounts across travel and many well-known companies and amenities, you can find out more by watching these videos:

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