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Enterprise Hub

The Enterprise Hub is an entrepreneurial support service provided to current students and alumni of ARU London who wish to establish their own businesses or take their existing business to the next stage of growth and development.

The Enterprise Team is comprised of experts who possess a wide range of specialist business skills and experience, including ARU London academics with experience in setting up and running businesses to external partners, who have offered their services as philanthropic mentors.

The support available also includes a group of ARU London student and alumni entrepreneurs who are not only able to offer their insights to running a successful business but also provide additional guidance as peer mentors.

The Hub offers bespoke workshops and networking opportunities to those already running businesses as well as those seeking to establish new start-ups.  

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ARU London is extremely proud of what its students and alumni entrepreneurs have achieved so far. Please see below for some examples of the businesses that our student and alumni entrepreneurs are already running. Please feel free to reach out to them via their websites.

Skintuition / Alina Dumitru

What did you study: MBA International  

When did you graduate: 2019 

Short story of your business: Alina started Skintuition, a skincare business, having experienced issues with her own skin for many years. This inspired her to research the market for solutions as even medical professionals had been unable to help her. 

As part of her extensive research, she came across a YouTube video about Korean skincare, and how Korean women demanded excellent products – Alina describes this as her ‘lightbulb moment’. All these years she had thought the problem was with her, and not the ingredients of what she had been using on her skin.  

She became obsessed with researching the ingredients of each product, testing them all on her own skin, she became her own test subject! Trying everything for herself meant that she could understand and feel the value of the high-quality product formulation that did not upset the skin balance and did not contain harsh ingredients like alcohol, perfume and preservatives. 

She found two brands and tested them over 2 years to ensure that they had the desired effect and fixed her skin problems. She told her friends about them, and they wanted to know more, asking for tips and tricks for great skin. The only problem was that these products were very difficult to buy in Romania due to import tax and having to go direct to the supplier. 

In 2018 Alina moved to the UK, she left the corporate world and decided in 2012 that she would be her own boss. Since then, she has run many businesses some more successful than others. She decided to do an MBA International at ARU London to upskill. Following successful completion of her MBA, Alina launched an online CBD oil business, this did not work out and finally collapsed when COVID hit, but it was a steep learning curve in overcoming obstacles; due to the nature of the product, there was legislation to comply with when it came to advertising and many banks refused to provide payment services. 

Back to the drawing board, Alina knew she needed another business venture – something to lift spirits and something she could talk about with passion and conviction, her skincare products – another lightbulb moment! She knew her friends in Romania could not buy these products, so she started searching for suppliers. She approached E-Mag, an equivalent of Amazon in Romania, at just the right time, as they were about to extend into beauty and cosmetics.  She said this was a strong example of being in the right place at the right time! Alina has two other business partners one in Romania and one in Germany - all of their product is sold via this supplier there are no overhead costs for storage. The business model works, so they are just looking to expand to other nations – watch this space! 

Alina’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Do your research thoroughly: legislation, competitors, pricing strategy. Monetising options: how will you make money? How will you market your product? 

Do something you enjoy; if you are not passionate it is hard to keep motivated. You must be an expert on your product. Believe in your product, do not sell anything you would not give it to your loved ones. Do not set up a business purely to make money. 

Learn to do as much as possible by yourself. Ensure you have carried out sufficient product testing pre-launch. Timing is everything. Good luck! 


FindMyData / Claudiu Cogalniceanu

What did you study: MBA Healthcare 

When did you graduate: 2019 

Short story of your business: FindMyData began its journey in July 2020, by Claudiu Cogalniceanu. 

“I was always curious and concerned about my personal information in the digital environment”, said Claudiu. “I always wondered how and why I had so many spam emails and scam attempts, and I started to question how these people obtained my personal data, and from where. I started researching, and finally, I got my answer: I found that companies shared and sold my personal information, and many times it was bought by scammers. This pushed me to search for a solution to stop getting scammed, and I finally found it. I tested the idea on myself, and after I saw that it worked and I actually started to get fewer and fewer spam and scam attempts, I saw the opportunity to share my idea and start helping people that face the same issues as I did.” 

FindMyData officially launched its privacy-enhancing service, mData, in October 2021, at a live-streamed event. 

FindMyData helps users track their personal information and see which companies have it, delete their data from organisations they don’t use or that obtained their info from sources other than directly from users, or even stop their information from being shared and sold. Through mData, users have access to the Scam Prevention Program (where they receive weekly notifications about the latest scams, learn how to protect against said scams, report a scam or seek advice regarding a potential scam) and Data Breach Report (where users receive monthly reports informing them if they have appeared in any known data breaches). 

Claudiu’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: “Start with a problem, not a solution in the search for a problem. If you or someone you know has a problem that is worth solving, go for it.” Claudiu also recommends bringing a cofounder to the business – “you will keep each other motivated and you will also have someone you can share ideas with, as well as get feedback”. 


Koroma’s Kitchen / Bailah Koroma

What do you study: MBA Health & Social Care

When will you graduate: 2023 

Short story of your business  

Bailah is from Sierra Leone in West Africa where ginger is a staple ingredient in everyday food and drink. In 2020 during the pandemic, for health reasons, Bailah and his wife decided to increase their ginger intake by using it more in their cooking and they started making ginger-rich juices. 

Friends and family began to try their food and drink, and the feedback was very positive. This inspired Bailah to start producing the juices on a larger scale. Bailah sourced the packaging, designed the branding and started sourcing customers.  

First customers were friends, but more recently two shops near the East India Campus of the University have started to stock ‘Ginger Burst’. Whilst Bailah and his wife are studying they are happy to keep the operation small and take on feedback before they are ready to take on the main supermarkets. For now, Bailah will produce the juice, package it, stick on the label and continue with direct sales to the local shops – a slow and steady approach to getting his product’s name out there and creating a solid reputation. Bailah balances this with his studies, working with the homeless and running a busy household with his wife and two children. 

Bailah’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Bailah says that if you have a dream, you must pursue it. His dream is to be his own boss by the age of 40. He believes that if you want something enough you can work hard and achieve it. 

You must be resilient, there will be bad days but tomorrow is a new day with fresh opportunities. Grow your network and keep pushing yourself. Never give up! 


If They Only Knew / Ted Lawlor

What did you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

When did you graduate: 2019

Short story of your business: If Only They Knew is a social media group that acts as the hub for young business minds, providing content to inform and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs. It is also home of the iTunes Top 5 Podcast (also called If Only They Knew) which provides a platform for young people to share their stories and advice, and it has also featured candidates from BBC's The Apprentice and Dragon's Den as well as professional athletes.  

IOTK was born during Ted’s second year at university (2017) as a way for him to test his marketing skills and has evolved steadily ever since.  Recently, Ted won the Best Business Podcast of the Year award.  

Ted Lawlor also co-wrote The Manifestation Journal in 2021, a bestselling journal guided by the UK's Number 1 Unconscious Mind Therapist Robert Hisee, who was Ted’s former therapist when he struggled with his mental health. This part book/part journal aims to combat the current mental health crisis facing the UK, as it teaches the user to improve their own mental health and increase their productivity. It has been appreciated by hundreds of Brits, including some of the UK's most notable celebrities. 

Ted’s Words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: My advice for those thinking to start their own business would be to just get started, even if you have no idea what you're doing. When I first started IOTK in 2017 I had no plan, I just knew that if I never got started then I'd never have the chance to learn and grow. Just get started and be inquisitive then you'll find that everything will begin clicking into place. 

Website: - 

MyFooDen / Vlad Agafitei

What did you study: BSc (Hons) International Business Management 

When did you graduate: 2022 

Short story of your business: Vlad has always worked in a commercial environment in either sales or marketing. He had wanted to start his own enterprise but was held back by a sense of apprehension about all the things he didn’t know about running a business. To address this, he decided to study and chose ARU London on the recommendation of a friend – ‘the rest is history,’ Vlad told us. 

By the end of his second year of studying International Business Management, Vlad felt that through his academic learning he had built up enough contemporary knowledge and confidence to start his business. On 1 July 2021, together with his two business partners, Vlad launched MyFooDen.  

MyFooDen is an online European Supermarket, bringing together authentic, local produce from many different nations across Europe in one online shopping experience. Vlad explained that the concept behind MyFooDen came from the fact that even large supermarkets would only have a limited selection of international (specifically European) goods. The gap that he found in the market was that no retailer could offer a selection of foods from across Europe all in one place. MyFooDen offers a range and convenience delivered UK-wide directly to the customer. 

Growth plans for the business include expanding its range and diversity of products, for example, delicatessen and dairy. This will require larger storage facilities but being able to order in larger quantities will mean that costs can be lowered, and this means that the reduced prices can be passed onto the customer, ensuring that MyFooDen remains competitive.  

When asked about launching as part of a team of founders, Vlad explained that he was part of a talented team with different strengths; one of his partners has particularly strong IT skills, the other is very skilled in the supply chain, and Vlad deals with the daily operations and everything else. It works well and creates a shared purpose and vision. 

The business got off to a slow start, Vlad told us that the first 3 months were very hard. Trading levels were not as expected and consequently, morale was low. Vlad explained to me that all new business owners need to be relentless in their efforts to keep trying new things and to develop true resilience as he believes this to be the key attribute of an entrepreneur. The team at MyFooDen kept going, worked hard, and made the business a success. 

Vlad’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Reflecting on his experiences, if Vlad had to give one piece of advice to someone starting a business it would be to carry out an in-depth study on the market you intend to enter. Then you need to identify a set of problems that need solutions. This must be your starting point and remain your focus. 


Valitaly / Valeria Scire

What did you study: MBA International

When did you graduate: 2020

Short story of your business: Valitaly is a partnership venture between Valeria Scire, Carla Capuano, Lasbrey Ejehu and Shahied Joseph, all of whom studied together on ARU London’s MBA International course. 

Valitaly was created as a concept in class, in the Strategic Marketing and New Venture Development module. Valeria pitched the idea to the lecturer and then the 4 classmates came together to further develop one idea to use each of their strengths to create a viable business. 

In November 2020, the team decided to launch Valitaly, they had observed consumer behaviour during the pandemic, in that many people were choosing to purchase products online. They designed a user-friendly website to offer quality Italian food products that people could not buy elsewhere in the UK, delivered straight to their door. 

Ever since the successful launch, they have held weekly meetings – they all have day jobs – in these meetings they set regular goals and review their progress. Just 2 months after the launch they had exceeded their initial goals, which Valeria described as a great feeling. 

Their first customer group was friends and family but then the business started to grow via word-of-mouth recommendations. They also designed a social media strategy using Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and they decided to pay for social media advertising campaigns and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which worked very well. 

They produce a weekly newsletter for all existing customers which showcases promotions, including "buy one get one free" deals, bundles and new products. They also have regular ‘giveaways’ which again has worked well. They are attracting new customers and the business is growing. 

They follow trends of what their customer base would like they have diversified to offer gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan products as well as high-quality olive oil. In addition to this, they launched their own brand of coffee – Valitaly Coffee. Sourced directly from Tuscany, they offer bags of blended roasted bean ground coffee, which can be used with a wide range of coffee machines. 

Each of the team has different skills, for example: 

Carla works in Marketing, so she understands SEO and campaigns; Lasbrey has expertise in management and logistics; Shahied works for a bank so is their financial expert and Valeria carries out product research. She has direct access to suppliers in Italy from her personal network and therefore has been able to negotiate some great deals, and she also updates the website to keep it looking fresh and appealing.  

Valitaly is at a point where it is ready to expand and diversify – keep an eye on its website. 

All new customers are eligible for a 10% discount on their first order by entering WELCOME01 at the checkout. 

Valeria’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Valeria’s advice to anyone looking to start their own business is to find a viable idea and go for it! She says to set small and achievable goals – this is great for team morale. 

She also says not to give up, do not expect instant results. Keep going and be resilient. If you keep working hard you will see the results. Above all, be realistic, and don’t expect too much too soon.


Studio Andruz / Andreea Ruse

What do you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resources 

When do you graduate: 2023 

Short story of your business: Andreea worked for a shipping courier for many years, and in early 2022 suffering from burnout she made the difficult decision to take some time out from work. Her GP told her that she needed to relax, after 3 days of relaxing Andreea became bored and knew she had to do something. She took herself off to Hobbycraft and looked for a creative outlet. 

Andreea started to make things, starting with horseshoes for brides, keeping herself busy. After one month she found Jesmonite and instantly connected with the material. Being able to make beautiful things made her happy and gave her a feeling that she describes as ‘therapeutic’. 

Working with Jesmonite felt natural. What was great about this newfound interest was that Andreea was able to use both her academic and professional skills. It made her think back to the Business Environment module, which had inspired her. She started to carry out extensive research on Jesmonite, finding two studio-based courses on how to work with Jesmonite. When she attended the courses, Andreea paid great attention to how business is run working with Jesmonite from how to set up the studio to how to commercialise the end products. She was keen to learn all that she could – what fixtures and fittings did she need, which materials, the suppliers – full research on the product and how to work with it. 

After the training, she felt confident to be more creative, so Andreea started researching how to build her own moulds out of silicon – previously she had used purchased moulds, but this limited what she could create. She wanted to create something large, buying a mould with a diameter of 60cm was out of her price range, so she set out to make one herself – and succeeded for less than half the price! 

Andreea has set up a studio where she works each day. She has a set routine for each day whether that be research, making items, or marketing. The next steps for Studio Andruz is to find its market, have an official product launch, create a website and secure stockists. 

Andreea’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Research, research, research! Be resilient and open. Respect the people around you and listen to their advice. Persevere – success does not come overnight.  

Website: Etsy Online Shop: / Instagram: 

Dirty Gainz Burger / Luigi Sipos

What do you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

When will you graduate: 2023

Short story of your business: Luigi is a second-year Business and Marketing student, set to graduate in 2023.

Over the last 5 years, Luigi has been searching for the best burger; however, despite his efforts, he couldn’t find what he was looking for so started reading up on ingredients to make his perfect burger. In February 2022, Luigi teamed up with a business partner and launched his burger from a food truck in East London via a food delivery app.

Telling his story, Luigi explained that it all started with his first job as a chef in Romania where he cooked many different dishes for his customers. After he finished college, he moved to London to study Business and Marketing at ARU London and alongside his studies, he worked again as a chef - this is how he found his passion for food and cooking.

Even when he was a teenager, Luigi wanted to earn his own money and be financially independent. He had been saving money for years with a dream of starting his own business, inspired by his grandparents, who had run a small business supplying wood to construction companies. For his first business venture, he bought second-hand clothes and resold them in his own online vintage clothes shop, and even before that as a small child he and a friend would sing and play musical instruments to make money to buy their ice cream. On reflection, Luigi believes that his business mindset formed in his childhood and developed further in his teenage years when he started to read books and watch inspirational videos.

Going back to his product, Luigi recognises that everyone has their favourite meal, his is a large burger with hand-cut fries. He jokes that he sounds easy to please but he is quite the opposite, He tried over 100 different burger restaurants and only found 5 that were of the quality he liked, inspiring him to create a unique recipe – he had found a gap in the fast food burger market, which he intended to fill. After extensive research Luigi concluded that making a great burger came down to 3 things:

  1. How you cook it
  2. Quality of Ingredients
  3. The recipe (combination of flavours)

Luckily, Luigi’s business partner was already in the fast food industry, they came together and DirtyGainzBurger was born.  The name of the business refers to a term used in the fitness world for a ‘cheat’ meal. ‘Dirty’ means high calories and ‘Gainz’ high protein food. The business was created based on Luigi’s passions: cooking, business, and fitness, and as a result, he enjoys every minute he is working on his own business venture.

DirtyGainz burgers have recently moved into a delivery kitchen, and they are working with delivery apps like Deliveroo. Luigi says that his business evolved naturally, and he has been able to apply the knowledge from his degree as well as his own research.

Luigi’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Luigi recommends that before people start their own business, they should gain some experience in the field of business they would like to start. He also suggests making a plan to account for not making a profit in the first 6 months whilst they build their reputation and gain customer loyalty. Luigi's most important words of advice are to think about what you are good at and enjoy and then how to turn that into a business.


Ace Inventories / Andraya Catlyn

What did you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management

When did you graduate: 2022

Short story of your business: Andraya describes herself as a ‘business addict,’ she is fascinated by business which is why she decided to study for her particular degree.

Although Ace Inventories was set up 7 years ago, it was during the last two years that it really took off. Much of this Andraya credits to her education, she has been able to apply the theories from her degree to her business with impressive results.

Ace Inventories operated solely in Croydon until its recent expansion to Manchester and Luton. Andraya has created opportunities for her family members in these locations to set up their own branches of Ace Inventories rather like a franchise.

This chimes precisely with Andraya’s personal ethos and values. For many years she has had the ambition to empower women and she has been able to do this through her business, which at this moment in time has all-female staffing.

Andraya’s USP is that she works with her clients rather than for her clients, she believes that gives her the edge when it comes to repeat business. Her client base is made up of Letting Agencies as well as private landlords. When asked why she chose this industry, she explained that she finds Property a highly interesting sector with plenty of room for future business diversification and development. It is ever-changing and she is well-informed on the market.

Andraya’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Andraya came up with 3 main points:

  • Prioritise important things to you and you have an emotional attachment to them. A good starting point is to make sure that you are committed to your business idea and that it is something you will enjoy
  • Be prepared to put in time and money, and to be in it for the long term
  • Priorities and passion drive you


Miss Caribbean UK / Jacqui Brown

What do you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing

When do you graduate: July 2022

Short story of your business: Before her degree, Jacqui had always worked in businesses where there were events, and she played a part in organising them. Jacqui’s husband also works in events, between them they organised a very popular night called Masquerade Ball for 4 years as well as an online magazine for the Afro-Caribbean community. The magazine’s aim was to highlight what was going in the community and to celebrate good news. Revenue was generated from advertising, so it became self-funding. Unfortunately, as time went on, they were unable to compete with the likes of Facebook as the revenue streams dried up when people started to do their own marketing on social media for free.

In 2012 Jacqui started helping with beauty pageants. She supported event planning, marketing and sponsorship. Her husband visited Jamaica and called her after attending Miss Jamaica World, inspired for them to do something similar in the UK. The idea was to bring all of the Caribbean countries together and celebrate the heritage of the contestants, similar to Miss World, but for the Caribbean.

In 2014, Jacqui and her husband started Miss Caribbean UK, for British citizens with Caribbean heritage. Miss Barbados won, and she learned much about her heritage during the competition, even travelling to Barbados for a TV appearance after winning the title. Unlike other beauty pageants, Miss Caribbean UK is the only one that has gone national; they have regional heats in cities including Birmingham and Manchester with the grand final in London. Jacqui explained that they make it inclusive by giving all entrants that meet the application criteria the chance to compete in the grand finale. She says it is great to see how the contestants interact and support each other, and heart-warming to watch them learn about their heritage.

The ethos of Miss Caribbean UK supports learning, teamwork and positive mental health. Its strapline is ‘Positively Promoting the Caribbean’, and it spreads the good news about the community. It’s not just about a beauty pageant, it’s much deeper. Jacqui says by far the greatest success is when people who were involved come back as volunteer mentors to support the other contestants, she has had many of the winners do this. Jacqui and her husband started this to give something back to the community it has had a greater impact than they could ever imagine, which motivates them to continue.

After a couple of difficult years due to the pandemic, there is a final scheduled on 29th October 2022. The final is not just about beauty it is more of a variety show with music and comedians all from the Caribbean community.

The plan for the coming years is to carry on with two main annual events and to branch out to ‘carnival’ style events also.

Jacqui’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Starting a business is hard work, but you need to persevere and ensure you are in it for the long term. The first 3 years are the hardest, but you need to believe in yourself and go for it!


So Real Muller / Claude Mouteng

What did you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management  

When did you graduate: 2022 

Short story of your business: In 2018, as part of the module ‘Introduction to Business ‘Claude was given the assignment to create a viable business with a very small budget. She knew that she wanted to create something that would improve and maintain good health. Within 3 weeks she had prepared a prototype, she had designed the label, bottled her product and drafted a website for her tonic health drink: ‘So Real Muller’. 

So Real Muller has a base of Hibiscus flower extract. This has a range of health properties; it is antioxidant and loaded with natural vitamins great for detoxifying the body. Claude explains that it is used in hospitals in the Netherlands to speed up recovery from ill health.  

By Christmas of 2018, Claude’s local organic health shop agreed to take a box of her product – this flew off the shelves and she began to make a profit. The health shop continued to stock the drink, and Claude took it herself to sell at markets and fairs in the UK and in Europe. It began to gather momentum and then the pandemic hit. Unfortunately, Claude wasn’t quite ready for online sales at that stage so missed the online boom of the pandemic. 

Post-pandemic, things are picking up again. Claude has a weekly stall every Saturday at Brick Lane market, where she has regular customers, and she has started to attend fairs and shows again. She has just returned from an entrepreneur's fair in Paris, where her product was very well received. 

When asked what was next for So Real Muller, Claude explained that she was at the product testing stage at present. She produces 100 bottles at a time, and those that have been kept over the pandemic period have started to mature. Now aged at 3 years they have a richer and fuller flavour – she is considering this as a new range, which will require a product re-launch.  

Claude explains that the non-alcoholic drinks industry is set to boom by 2030, and So Real Muller’s aim is to be ready to take advantage of that. Watch this space! 

Claude’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: You need to be passionate and committed. Your idea is unique, so be prepared for all the barriers and challenges.  

  • There are so many things you don’t know, be open to learning. 
  • One cannot afford to let their idea fail. Be resilient and keep working hard. It is not easy.  
  • Give it your all, keep perfecting. As no one is guiding you, make sure you have constant customer feedback. 


Falci Construction / Pamela Falci

What do you study: BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing 

When do you graduate: 2024 

Short story of your business: Falci Construction was launched in the UK 2 years ago. It is a family business run by Pamela and her husband. Both have family backgrounds in the construction industry in Brazil, but Pamela's husband is a Civil Engineer. Their construction company offers structural work such as extensions and loft and basement conversions. 

Pamela’s husband was keen to launch the business as before he was labouring in the UK, but as an experienced Civil Engineer, he was over-qualified. This pushed them to launch their business and they have not looked back since. Pamela explained that it was 100% the right decision at the right time and the business is growing from strength to strength. 

Their main projects have been in Central London, but they work within the M25 area. They use a website called Houzz to market their business, but other than that much of their work comes from word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Falci Constructions is on an upwards trajectory, it continues to grow and sustain an excellent reputation for its services. 

Pamela’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Do your research before you launch a business, but other than that if you have an in-demand product or service that you have a genuine passion for just go for it. It is normal to be nervous at first, but with perseverance, the hard work is well worth it! 


MM Property Group / Manfred Zeka

What do you study: BSc (Hons) International Business Management 

When do you graduate: 2025 

Short story of your business: Manfred explained that his business literally ‘came out of nowhere.’ He had been in the UK less than 6 months when the pandemic hit which coincided with him applying for his university course, but in the meantime, he needed some income. The lockdown made it very difficult to get a job, despite all his efforts Manfred felt frustrated sending his CV out multiple times a day with little hope of even receiving a reply. He did, however, hear back from a letting agent and soon started as a Lettings Negotiator – this was his first experience of working in the property sector. Manfred gained some experience whilst carrying out this role but also learnt more about the intricacies of property management. He began carrying out extensive research about the UK property sector and how to make a profit from it.  

In the summer of 2021, Manfred had the chance to start his own letting agency. Reflecting upon his experiences, he said that he made lots of mistakes in the beginning, but each of them was an opportunity to learn. The first few months were a struggle. Manfred felt that he was putting in great amounts of time and effort with no positive results. This period was very hard and draining, but it taught him to become resilient and made him even more determined to succeed. The problem with the business at that time was that Manfred had not yet found a niche – he was looking at taking on any property that he could rent to any person – and this was a mistake that he only discovered with time and experience. 

Once Manfred started his degree course at ARU London, he started to meet like-minded people. In addition to university, he also signed up for as many networking events as he could and again, he met with more people who could work with him and help him shape the direction of his business.  He formed a team that worked hard on developing the overall strategy for the business and defined its niche – students. Shortly after this change of direction MM Property Group relocated to Swansea, as it seemed to work better for the business model than London. 

As a student himself, Manfred could put himself in the shoes of the student. He arranged mass surveys which returned over 700 pieces of data which outlined the common struggles of students when trying to rent properties whilst they study. MM Property Group is a specialist letting agency for students, which has an excellent reputation for looking after both landlords and tenants. 

Manfred’s words of advice for anyone thinking of starting their own business: Don't give up, yes you have to work and it can be a struggle, but be resilient and keep fighting to succeed! 


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