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About us

National Student Survey Results 2022

Our students are full of talent and promise, and here at ARU London we channel their focus, harness their energy and foster their self-belief, providing them with the tools they need to realise their potential.

We do this by developing and teaching a curriculum that is practical, sustainable and responsive. We encourage dynamic interactions between our students, lecturers and partner organisations; it’s those interactions that drive innovation, relevance and impact in the most complex areas of our society.

What matters is what our students achieve when they’re with us – and the positive change they bring to their world as graduates.

The National Student Survey (NSS)

Each year all final-year students at universities across the UK are contacted on behalf of the Office for Students to survey their experience of Higher Education. These results (The NSS) are published across the media and are used as a quality measure for each university. The 2022 NSS outcomes have once again proved excellent for ARU London.

Our Overall Satisfaction score of 84% is well above the average (76%) for universities in England.

Our students rated ARU London above the National HEI Average in all 9 question areas once again, this year by an average of 8.2 points.

We were above the Upper Quartile of all universities (in the top 25% of all universities) for 5 of the 9 questions areas;

  • Learning Opportunity
  • Organisation and Management
  • Learning Resources
  • Learning Community
  • Student Voice

These included some remarkable outcomes, including rating the experience at ARU London a full 15.6 higher than the Upper Quartile for Learning Community, 10.8 points higher than the Upper Quartile for Student Voice, and 4 points higher than the Upper Quartile for Organisation and Management.

We really value the results, as they help us to enhance our students' experience. They also help prospective students to make an informed choice about where they want to study.

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