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How do I apply for an ARU London course?

ARU London encourages that applications for undergraduate courses are made through UCAS. Applications for postgraduate courses as well as international undergraduate students (with settled statuses) can be made by filling in the online application.

Does ARU London offer accommodation?

ARU London does not have any accommodation of its own. However, we have compiled a list of organisations offering student accommodation in the surrounding areas. Please view our Accommodation page. 

Can I apply for exemptions if I have a credit in a related field?

Yes, we consider prior learning for students looking at advanced entry. Please tick the box on the first page of our online application labelled ‘are you applying for advanced entry (APL)?’. To allow our admissions team to make an accurate assessment, please provide your transcripts from your previous study including the following; Module Title, Level and Credits Achieved.

What are the terms and conditions of enrolment?

You can view ARU'S Rules, Regulations and Procedures here, these are available to view again when you are enrolling.

Postgraduate Study

What are the fees for postgraduate degrees?

You can find details of our Tuition Fees here.

I am an international student, can I enrol on a postgraduate course?

International students can apply to study at ARU London, however this must be done through our core website. Please visit it here and search for the course you are interested in studying. Click the “Apply online” button to begin your application.

What type of delivery would be best suited to me?

ARU London offers two delivery patterns on our Postgraduate courses, Standard or Evening and Weekend. All courses are available full-time or part-time. 

Standard classes are delivered on weekdays. 

12-month course, delivered over 2 weekdays from 10:00-17:00. 

24-month course, delivered over 1 weekday from 10:00-17:00. 

Evening and Weekend classes are delivered on evenings or Saturdays. 

12-month course, delivered over 2 evenings and a Saturday. 

24-month course, delivered over 2 sessions. 

Whilst we try to arrange all classes on a single day this may not always be possible. Your timetable will be available before Welcome Week. 


Am I eligible for Student Finance?

You can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan through Student Finance England; please refer to the website to check deadlines and eligibility.

How do I pay my tuition fees?

Payments can be made online on VLE in ‘My Accounts’. Alternatively, fees can be paid in person by credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) at the iCentre, or by bank transfer (quote Full Name and ARUL ID in the reference).

Please note that we do not accept American Express.

When do I receive my Student Finance?

We confirm attendance and registration by submitting an electronic file to the SLC. We do this daily and include all fully enrolled students whose student loan information is available to the University. This ensures that students’ registration and attendance are confirmed automatically and as soon as possible, in most circumstances within 24 hours of the information becoming available. You are a fully registered student once you have attended your first class of teaching; this applies to both new and returning students.

Once the steps above have been completed, tuition fees are paid directly to the university and we apply these to your university account. Your maintenance loan is paid into your nominated bank account. Possible reasons for not receiving payment include: you have not supplied your NI number to the SLC or that you are not fully enrolled at the university.

I’ve attended but have not received my payment within the timeframe, what do I do?

Please email the finance team at to see whether your registration has been sent to SLC. If it has been sent, contact SLC 0300 100 0607 to enquire when the payment will be transferred to you.

What is an SSN?

SSN stands for Student Support Number, generated by SLC. This is in addition to the Customer Reference Number (CRN) issued to you; both are separate numbers serving a different purpose. To obtain your personal SSN, you may log online to your Student Finance account and download your entitlement letter under the ‘documents’ tab and then by clicking on ‘entitlement letter’. The SSN will be under a bar code on the payment schedule letter. Alternatively, you may contact SLC directly and the phone operator will be able to provide your SSN.

ARU must have a record of your SSN in order for your registration to be confirmed.

What if I changed my course name during the academic year, how do I notify SLC?

ARU London will submit a change of circumstance notifying them of the change in course name, you do not need to do anything from your end unless notified by SLC.

I’ve applied for childcare fees and have not received it, what do I do?

Please contact the Finance team to enquire whether an attendance confirmation was sent to SLC: If you continue to have issues contact Student Finance directly as Student Finance may require additional documentation.

SLC is causing delays on my application, what do I do?

ARU London will not be able to do anything to speed up the process as the assessment is carried out at SLC. However, as SLC is a government organisation, you may contact your local MP to acquire further assistance. In addition, you may contact SLC on a regular basis to check the progress of the application and to see if there is anything else they may need from you.

I’ve applied for a Tuition Fee Loan at the start of the course, do I need to re-apply again in the subsequent academic years?

Yes, you are required to re-apply again in each academic year. However, the process is different for a continuing student. You simply log on to your Student Finance account, and click ‘Apply for xx/xx (refers to academic year)', then follow the on-screen instructions. Please ensure you read and complete the form carefully to prevent further delays. We would advise you to apply as early as possible.

I wish to withdraw from the course, how will my finance be affected?

Please refer to the Student Finance leaflet, which can be obtained by contacting the Finance team:

You can also read the Rules, Regulations and Procedures for Students here.

What are ARU London's bank account details?

Account name


Account number


Sort code


Account type


Account currency






What are the tuition fees?

Undergraduate degree courses, for entry in 2023/24:
UK/EU Fees

Postgraduate degree courses, for entry in 2023/24:

UK/EU Fees

How will my government funded benefits be affected by becoming a student?

The following benefits will be reduced if you are studying full-time: 

  • Universal credit
  • Housing benefit
  • Income support
  • Jobseekers allowance
  • Council Tax Benefit
  • Carer’s allowance

 If you are working, you may still be eligible to claim: 

  • Working tax credit (if you are on a low income)
  • Child tax credit

 Some students may be exempt from benefit reductions; for a full explanation of eligibility and exemptions please visit

 If you are a student with a disability, you may be eligible for disability-related benefits.

 For further information on eligibility for benefits as a student, please visit the websites linked below:

Wellbeing, Disability and Inclusion

What support can I get if I have a disability or long term illness?

In accordance with our duties under the Equality Act, we provide reasonable adjustments that meet the needs of disabled students; remove or minimise disadvantages otherwise resulting from the disability, and encourage students to participate in university life and succeed in their studies.

In order to correctly assess your needs and to put in place appropriate adjustments, our university requires appropriate supporting evidence of the impact of your disability.

You can access support and further information by emailing

What evidence should I provide?

Depending on your disability/health condition your evidence could be:

  • A letter from your GP/hospital
  • An educational psychologists report
  • A study-needs assessment
  • Form 8 detailing previous reasonable adjustments
  • Evidence should be no more than 5 years old. It should be signed by your GP/hospital/needs assessor depending on where your evidence is from. Your evidence needs to detail your disability/health condition, how this may affect you in the university environment and what support you may benefit from.

How do I apply for Disabled Student Allowance (DSA)?

Step 1: 
Go to:

Step 2: 
Select the ‘how to apply’ tab. If you are a full-time student you can choose whether you apply online or with the paper form.

Step 3: 
If you decide to apply online you will need to log in to your student finance account. Or if you decide to apply using the paper form you will need to download this by clicking on ‘DSA paper application form’

If you are haven’t applied for student finance yet, or you are a part-time or postgraduate student you will need to complete the DSA1 form.

If you have already applied for student finance but not for DSA then you will need to complete the DSA slim form.

Please note that you will need to send evidence of your disability to Student Loans Company when you apply for DSA. You may also be required to have a study needs assessment to determine the support that you require.

If you have any questions regarding this you can contact the Wellbeing, Disability and Inclusion Team at or call 020 7400 6789.

How do I contact the Welfare Team?

You can contact us by emailing or calling 020 7400 6789 and selecting option 7. You can also request a meeting with the Wellbeing, Disability and Inclusion Team at the iCentre at Charterhouse or East India buildings.


Where can I access my timetable?

You can access your timetable via browser or the myARUL app. For browser access, on our website, click 'student portal' at the top of the page. Select 'VLE' and log in. Select 'my timetable'. For access via our app, log in to myARUL and select my timetable.

I cannot attend my timetabled days, am I able to request a change?

As a full-time university student, it is expected that you are able to attend any day from Monday to Friday. However, if you are unable to attend your allocated days due to a reasonable circumstance, then you can apply for a timetable change by contacting the Operations Team at and they will be able to help you. 

Please note only acceptable reasons will be considered. An outcome will then be communicated to you within 10 working days. Your request must be sent within the first three weeks of classes.

I want to change my course. What should I do?

You will be required to complete a Change of Course Form which can be found in the My Forms tab on VLE. Please note that you will also need to write a personal statement explaining the reason(s) for wishing to change your course. Change of course requests are constrained by what is permissible in the Academic Regulations.

Learning Platforms

What is VLE and how do I use it?

Your VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) is your learning platform. Here you can find the modules that you will be studying, a dedicated career zone, your attendance report, important forms, and much more. You can find our VLE guide here.

I can’t login to VLE, what should I do?

You can re-set your password by clicking on the 'Forgotten Username/Password' link on the VLE log-in home page.

For any other VLE queries, please contact the Information Centre by e-mailing or

What is e:Vision and how do I use it?

e:Vision is the student portal where you can check your results, update your personal details, re-register for each academic year, and much more. You can find our e:Vision guide here. All new students will need to set up Multi-factor Authentification (MFA) to access their e:Vision portals. You can use our guide here on how to set yours up.

Who do I contact if I have any problems with e:Vision login?

If you cannot log in to e:Vision, please contact the Learning Resource  team at

All new students will need to set up Multi-factor Authentification (MFA) to access their e:Vision portals. You can use our guide here on how to set yours up. 

How do I complete my e:Vision registration?

If you are having trouble completing your e:Vision registration, please view our guide here.

How can I log in to my student email?

You can access your student email from the ARU London website and use your e:Vision login details in the format of and your e:Vision password. You can find our student email guide here.

How can I log onto my Digital Library and how do I use it?

Digital Library can be accessed through the VLE using your student email and password. You can also find our Digital Library Guide here.


I am having trouble submitting my work through the submission link on VLE, what should I do?

If you are having problems submitting your work, please follow our guide.

If you have followed those steps and continue to have issues with submitting your assignment you can email and someone will upload it for you.

Please provide them with your Student ID, course name, module name, module element number (010 or 011) and the deadline.

The Board of Examiners has decided that I am required to be discontinued with immediate effect. What does this mean?

To be withdrawn from the course with immediate effect means that you have not passed enough credits during the year and therefore cannot be allowed to progress to the next stage of study or to graduate. This means that you are not allowed any further reassessment opportunities and have failed the course. We will inform you as to whether you are still eligible for an exit award such as a Diploma or Certificate of Higher Education, or Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate.

You can contact a Student Advisor if you need further advice or support as to what you can do once you have been withdrawn, through the Director of Studies Team via email:

I want to know when my Transcripts and Certificates are ready for collection.

Notification of when your transcripts and certificates are ready to be collected will be emailed to you. If you require a certificate to be sent to an overseas address, you must make this request via email to You will then be requested to send your address and make the payment via the “VLE” online payment method. Please note that transcripts take approximately 1 month to arrive after the Awards Board has published results and certificates up to 2 months after transcripts have been issued. You can read our Certification Process Guide for more information here.

Where and how do I submit my assignments?

Assignments must be submitted on the day of the deadline by 2pm online on Turnitin (electronic copy) to the correct module element class link.

If you have any difficulties uploading your work to Turnitin, please ensure that you are following the Turnitin Submission Guide correctly and if you experience further issues please contact

Am I automatically going to be given the chance to be reassessed if I fail a single module?

In most cases, re-assessment in a single module will be offered in compliance with the ‘ARU Assessment Regulations’.

I'm having personal problems and I cannot complete my assessment?

If you are facing personal circumstances that you believe are affecting your ability to complete your work then you can seek advice from our Director of studies team on and they will be able to detail your option.

I want to get in contact with someone about my results, how should I go about this?

For feedback on your assignments, you will need to refer to the feedback located on your Turnitin.

For exam feedback, please email


Are there printing/photocopying facilities available at ARU London?

Undergraduate students are entitled to 50£ of printing credit for the whole duration of their course. Once used, students can top up their accounts in order to use the printing and photocopying facilities available on campus. Printing or photocopying costs 0.05p per sheet with a minimum top-up of £2.00. Scanning is free of charge and will be sent as a PDF file to your registered e-mail address. 
Postgraduate students will need to top up their accounts to be able to print.  

You can find our printing guide here.


I lost my access card, how do I get a new one?

If you have lost your access card you will need to purchase a new one for £5 from the iCentre. After purchase, your card will be ready to be collected at the iCentre within 10 working days.

How do I know if my attendance has been recorded?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your attendance is recorded accurately. You should check your attendance frequently on the attendance report on VLE. If you believe there is an error with your attendance, you will need to make an attendance enquiry via the 'My Forms' section of the VLE. Once submitted, the attendance team will be able to look into the issue and get back to you in 5-10 working days. 

My Attendance does not look right?

In class, Online & Other FAQs from attached guide. Please follow this guide to record your attendance when attending on campus.

Student Benefits

How can I apply for an TOTUM card or for Unidays discount?

TOTUM and Unidays applications are both online. Click here to view our guide to Unidays.
Apply online for NUS Extra by clicking here. Apply online for Unidays by clicking here.

How do I apply for a student Oyster Card?

You need to apply directly on the Transport for London website following our Student Oyster Guide

What do I do if I need an academic reference letter?

It is not compulsory for a lecturer to provide a student with a reference, and this will be at their discretion. A reference can be requested by sending the lecturer an e-mail. All our academics’ contact details can be found here. 

Alternatively, a general reference letter can be requested by sending an e-mail to  

How do I request a letter?

You can apply for a letter on VLE via 'My Forms' > 'Letter request'. You will then have the option to choose the appropriate letter from the list provided.

Letters will be sent in PDF format via email.

How can I apply for a student railcard?

You can follow our guide on applying for a student railcard here.

How can I download Microsoft Office?

You can follow our guide on downloading Microsoft Office here.

Where can I access my student ID card?

Our physical student ID cards have been replaced with virtual cards. You can find your student ID card on the myARUL app. This will be your student identification card. It can also be used to access ARU Main Campus in Chelmsford and all ARU Libraries.

What is Student Beans?

Student Beans similarly provides discounts both online and in stores. Like both UNiDAYs and NUS you can make an account online in order to utilise the discount.

Please refer to the website for all student discounts, offers, deals and vouchers

What is SCONUL and am I eligible to join?

The SCONUL Access scheme allows students to use other libraries that also belong to the scheme. If you are a full-time undergraduate student with ARU you potentially have access to the libraries of up to 172 other institutions. This means that you will have a breadth of academic work in a range of locations and online.

As a member of Anglia Ruskin University London, you are eligible to use the SCONUL Access scheme.

Travel Bursary

The Travel Bursary is designed to help students cover the costs of studying at university each semester. Eligible students can receive a payment of £250 for each semester, with the opportunity of receiving up to £500 per Academic Year. 


  • Studying for an undergraduate degree 
  • 90% minimum attendance across all modules for the semester 
  • Attempted all assessments (If an assessment offence has been proven, it will be considered as non-submission) 

For more info and to read our Travel Bursary terms and conditions click here. 

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