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Student Life

Connecting to Campus WiFi

Eduroam  is our free WiFi service. Eduroam allows you to obtain free internet access across campus and when visiting other participating institutions via wireless connections (WiFi). 

Log  in using your ARU full username/email address: e.g.

If you are moving around campus your Wi-Fi connection will move with you. If you lose connection between sites, you will automatically be reconnected as soon as you get back in range.

Help with connecting to our Wi-Fi

You can use the eduroam configuration assistant tool to configure your device to get connected or follow the simple instructions for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets below. View the video guide on how to connect to the WiFi here.

Connecting to Eduroam on an Android device

Connecting to Eduroam on an iOS device

ARU rules 

Use of our eduroam provision is subject to our Student Regulations, the JANET Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and the JANET eduroam Policy.

It is an eduroam condition of use that users must remove the eduroam WiFi profile from their mobile devices when their association with ARU or other eduroam member institutions ends. 

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