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Scholarship Winner - Murat

28th November 2020

Murat Kalayci is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the September 2020 intake. After submitting an entry, he was chosen as one of three winners of a 50% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Murat and this is what he had to say:

"I have just started my MBA degree, and I am very satisfied with my lecturers as they all have wonderful personalities and support us a lot. 

I wanted to study for my Master’s degree to achieve my personal goals and improve my career prospects. I wanted to take my chances and apply for the scholarship and, thanks to ARU London, I was awarded it! The scholarship encouraged me to be more successful and put in more effort as this opportunity does not come around often, and not to everybody. My short-term goal is to achieve a Distinction in my Master’s degree and, once I complete it, I would like to become either a Business Analyst, Project Manager, or a Supply Chain Manager. I would also like to complete my Doctorate. My dream is to proceed into one of these areas and be successful."

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London, why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme? More information can be found here - 

Alumni of the Month – Roberta Animashaun

1st July 2020

Alumni of the Month – Roberta Animashaun

"I came to London more than 10 years ago. I didn’t speak English very well. Previously, I finished secondary school with a specialization in IT and computing. I started to work in a food factory as a production operative but I was a girl with big dreams and I knew that I wanted more and that I could do more.

When I came to London I got married and gave birth to two sons, while I was also working full-time and going to a local college to improve my English. When work became unfeasible, I came up with a plan to improve myself as much as possible while with the kids at home. In 2015 I started at ARUL as in Business and Human Resource Management. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  

I tried my best, I read hundreds of books, and it was a challenge to understand Academic language. I have gained a lot from these studies: a different perspective of business, managing the employment relationships, human resource development and organization development, etc. 

During all 4 years of studies, I was looking after family during the day, and in the night I was studying. I pushed myself not to give up. I motivated many of my friends to start at ARU London as well. They listened to me and have already finished university and are creating their better futures. 

I have finished university in 2019 with a 2:1 degree. What is important that I worked hard and extremely improved my skills and knowledge. I am proud of myself. 

In June 2019, the next month after finishing my studies, I started to work in a huge American company in London as a Business Office Assistant. That was my goal, to find a big company because in a big company there are more opportunities to grow.  After 6 months I joined our company’s HR department. Currently, I am working as an HR Onboarding Officer. 

THANK YOU TO ALL ARU STAFF, especially Lectures! They supported and helped a lot during all 4 years of my studies. They have shared their own knowledge and experience which is priceless.  Especially thank you to Neil Jones! He is an amazing and charismatic lecturer who followed me during my journey for 3 years in a row. 

I wish you all to work hard and, especially now in this uncertain current situation, don’t lose your motivation. One day your studies will be a memory, so make sure that your memories will be happy ones".

Alumni of the Month – Kajal Chopra

12th June 2020

Alumni of the Month – Kajal Chopra

"Before you start to think about your career, take time to think about what you enjoy, what do you love learning or reading about, what interests you? For me, I always loved Business and Law. This is why I studied these two subjects back in college and then wanted to study BSc (Hons) Business & Law at university as it combined my two great interests.
Initially, life at ARU London was quite hard for me as I became overwhelmed with what was to come and if I would be able to achieve my goal. As months went by at university I was also battling with some things throughout my time there, but just like you, we all face challenges/ struggles in life. It’s what we do to overcome them and what we prioritize shapes our life.
I would definitely check out the Employability department as they offer a wide range of online sessions, mocks interviews, and job search help. I went to them for help on my CV layout and they gave me some tips on how to improve my format and structure. This then led to me finding a job a month after my graduation. I was working in Account Management where I would handle projects for a corporate deal gift leader who manufactured financial tombstones for investment banks and private equity firms in central London.
My previous academic modules I had studied helped me a lot at work when I would face different scenarios, for example, when I would look over client contracts or submitting billing documents. It reminded me of the information I had learned when studying modules in Business Finance or Contract Law.
Some tips I have are to make sure you ‘do you’, for example, in-class many people brought laptops to make notes, I preferred a pen and notebook. When teachers allowed students to show draft assignments I would never rush, even though many other students would have already shown their work and got feedback. If you have a question or do not understand something never be afraid to ask, I never left a classroom without asking all my questions during or after classes (and I usually had many haha!) What is important is to find your style of learning, even though I had lovely friends in class I preferred to work on my own most of the time.

I was so thankful that I achieved my First-Class Honours in the end and could finally say ‘I did it’. Everyone learns and processes information and knowledge at their own pace, so never compare yourself. Put your head down, commit to the process and you will succeed".

Scholarship Winner - Oyebola Ogunfowokan

12th June 2020

Oyebola Ogunfowokan is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the May 2020 intake, after submitting an entry he was chosen as one of two winners of a 50% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Oyebola and this is what he had to say:

“My career journey has up until now brought me to a crossroads between a vocational impasse and progressive professional development.

Before my enrolment onto the MBA (Health & Social Care) Programme, my highest qualification had been a BSC in medical science from the University of Leeds; a Russell Group University reputed for its academic and research excellence. This I augmented with a Pearson-regulated Harvard style certificate in software testing in an attempt to make a radical transition into the Information Technology sector via one of the government’s entrepreneurial schemes. Unfortunately, the information technology sector had become so advanced that, at my entry-level, only more technical and high-level fluency was sought-after by big organizations with the resources to invest in progressive human capacity. I invested much time talking to new and emerging job brokers and business IT apprenticeships through repeated but irregular interviews, without a single appointment opportunity; the apprenticeship schemes had been a global rush with little space for ‘technology newbies’.

While further certification in this area was possible, it was becoming apparent that a non-commensurate work experience in the IT sector was as good as an engineering mechanic without the know-how to unscrew a bolt using a simple wrench. I immediately knew it was time to return to my first love, the healthcare industry. I applied to ARU London for an MBA in Health & Social Care with a global mindset to focus on furthering my career in healthcare business management. I was determined to succeed. I did not underestimate my chances of a scholarship application entry when the opportunity presented itself, and so I put in a decent application that was selected as one of the successful entries under the postgraduate program. I felt joy at my first recorded success on my desired career journey. I was motivated to go the extra mile academically, as a result of my scholarly success.

I am currently at the start of my postgraduate program, thoroughly enjoying my studies and hopeful for an upper-class achievement at the end of my program.

My successes motivated me to achieve further success, and I hope my story is inspirational to other students”.

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme, more information can be found here -

Global Business Strategy Game

9th June 2020

Congratulations to Antoaneta Blagoeva on coming third in the Invitational Global Business Strategy Game!

This is an astonishing achievement that Antoaneta Blagoeva wanted to share to inspire others.

"I am studying BSc (Hons) Business and Tourism Management at ARUL and as a business student I would like to share my inspirational experience with the Business Strategy Game & Global Best- Strategy Invitational, which I was involved in as a level six student.

The Business Strategy Game represents a business simulation of athletic footwear industries conducted online at the university. During the simulation, I implemented several business strategies such as product development, diversification, blue ocean and market penetration. In this context, I must stress that the scenario of BSG examines day-by-day a wide spectrum of business skills such as HR, TQM, Marketing and Finance Management. Nevertheless, this challenging scenario motivated me to fully engage with the simulation. Through this practice I was inspired to evaluate my capabilities regarding the management of a functional business. Ultimately, I won the BSG Industry Champion award as a manager of the overall best-performing company in industry 2. This award made me eligible to compete in the Best-Strategy Invitational conducted online among the best participants from business universities worldwide.

The Global Best-Strategy Invitational competition was more difficult than the BSG simulation, as several macro-environmental factors negatively impacted the company’s overall performance. Nevertheless, I did not give up on competing internationally, as I had already developed self-confidence through the BSG award that I won and the tutorial support of Tom Farnsworth. Therefore, as a result of this self-confidence, I decided to implement several strategic approaches that placed my company in 3rd position for the Global Best-Strategy Invitational, and I won the BSI Distinguished Participant Certificate. Consequently, the BSG & BSI practices and BS lectures inspired me to believe that I am competitively capable to implement strategy on both national and international levels, thanks to business theories which I learned at ARUL.

As advice to all future BSG & BSI players, I would recommend to move with strategy, not by emotion and intuition. This means that you learn the player guide and identify your strategic objectives and KPI through this guide, as this movement is crucial for your company’s overall performance. Also, ensure implementation of ‘Horizontal strategy’ (Porter, 1998) as the strategic business units of BSG are distinct but interrelated. In addition, the introduction of blue ocean instead of differentiation may deliver stable financial conditions and competitive advantages while application of product development & diversification in the long-term may cause operational and financial stress.

Best wishes to all players and may the best strategy win!"

Scholarship Winner - Patricia-Ancuta Paraschiv

3rd June 2020

Patricia-Ancuta is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the May 2020 intake, after submitting an entry she was chosen as one of two winners of a 20% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Patricia-Ancuta and this is what she had to say:

"To start with, I like challenging myself by getting out of my comfort zone and feeling that I add value to my existence every day. This made me determined to become a highly qualified professional and to develop a series of transferable executive skills, by applying to the Master’s in Business Administration – International at Anglia Ruskin University, which is designed as an all-inclusive programme.  They provide the image of an extremely dynamic institution, strongly anchored in the needs of today's labour market.

In general, I like to test my abilities, and that's why I submitted my application for the Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme. The essay I submitted was my honest story and I am sure that really helped me to gain the scholarship. I revealed my determination and described my student life, years that have influenced and helped me to be the person I am today: much more confident in what the future will offer me. I come from a modest family, and the 20% scholarship means a lot. London is not a cheap city at all, and the scholarship will make it easier for me for a while.

I consider this postgraduate degree to be an amazing step towards my future career as a businesswoman and beyond. I am sure that the acquired knowledge and networks developed during it will help me to achieve a top management position one day. Although people who opt for an MBA often have a vast career behind them with prior key leadership positions, I want to lay a solid foundation at the beginning of the road, and fulfil these positions simultaneously".

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme, more information can be found here -

Alumni of the Month - Jamila Zerhboub

4th May 2020

Alumni of the Month - Jamila Zerhboub

I studied and worked hard before being married to who I believed was my soulmate.14 years ago I followed my husband to the UK and remained married to him to what I would call an unsuccessful marriage. My “husband” was not supportive at all, which resulted in him calling me “useless”, a phrase that craved inside me and destroyed me. I felt lost and devastated, which made me start looking for a way to rebuild my life and personality.

I came to learn that one of the greatest gifts that we can give to our self in this life is to decide to commit to a journey of self-improvement without an apology. Thus, I decided to go back to the university to make something out for myself. Going back to school after a large gap of more than 20 years was an awkward phase of my life in the beginning. I finally understood my requirements to succeed academically in the university, and this prepared me to push and achieve what I would call a success. The first year of my four-year course was the foundation of my success in the university and thus makes it my most important year. My best moment in the foundation year was facing the Dragan den experience.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Business and Hospitality Management from ARU London is an exciting achievement for me. This has broadened my understanding and perception of several important issues in the hospitality industry like hotel management, event management, and food and beverage management. I have acquired knowledge and skills I can implement in both my personal and career life.

Throughout my four-year course at ARU London, I have realised that it was important for me to lose everything for it helped me in finding out the most important thing in life, which is to be true to yourself. Understanding and being true to myself have made me realise that I could achieve my goals. Currently, I’m studying an International Master business administration (MBA) at ARU London and this has helped me reach here. My time in school has taught me to be fearless, live freely, and always know that I will succeed no matter what.

In life as a student and a corporate person, you need to understand that your gender, religious background, ethnic, social status, or orientation does not matter. We have similar struggles, and the lessons for us to move forward by overcoming our struggles will apply equally. Therefore, keep studying hard without worrying about your social status or gender and you will surely achieve your goals.

Alumni of the Month - Ike Ofoche

3rd April 2020

Alumni of the Month - Ike Ofoche

“I decided to study MBA Health Care to further my ambition to work within the Healthcare sector. The welcoming speech by the Principal David Sexton made a lasting impression in me by preparing me for the journey, with his words, “The certificate you came for is important but more importantly the information you retain in your head will make the difference in your life ". This resonated with me and inspired my push for excellence. The end results were amazing as I achieved the best overall results in several modules and a Distinction. Employability opens twice a week, and I participated in the walk-in sessions where CVs were structured and tailored towards industry standards. I must give thanks to the hard-working team because my job interview was successful and I have secured a job as a Systems Engineer with a popular commercial bank.

My advice to the students and future applicants is that ARU London should not simply be seen as a sprawling institution covering half the city of London, but it should be thought of as a place of quality, integration and inclusiveness. Don't forget to see Employability for excellent CV workshops and mock interviews.

Thank you ARU London, and thank you so much Employability“.

Level 6 & 5 BSc Business and Events Management Trip: ExCeL

10th March 2020

On Tuesday 25th February, the Level 6 & 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to the Event Production Show and International Confex. The two events are combined and were held at ExCeL, London’s largest exhibition centre.

The Event Production Show (EPS) is the UK’s leading exhibition for the live event sector. Attending this event gave the students an opportunity to experience the latest in event technology and production and discover a showcase of the latest in event design. EPS featured 6 stages of free-to-attend education streams where students were able to hear first-hand from event professionals regarding the latest trends and challenges facing the industry. Students also attended International Confex, which is the UK’s leading exhibition for event organisers. This event is where event professionals discover insights and trends what will improve their future events. Attending this event gave students an opportunity to talk with 300 exhibitors, network with 7000 event professionals and attend seminars on a range of hot topics within the industry.

Students were also able to see first-hand how a large event operates from a customer service and event management point of view. Students were able to gather ideas and knowledge to bring back into the classroom to help them understand how theory has been applied to a real life case study.

Alumni of the Month - Iulia Paula Pirv

3rd March 2020

Alumni of the Month - Iulia Paula Pir

"I was a young adult when I moved to the UK. Hailing from the beautiful mountain regions of Transylvania, I came here with the purpose of building a career. My passion was always related to the business field, so I started to investigate how I could get myself on that path

Luckily, I found an ad about ARUL courses, and it didn’t take long for me to enrol. I started studying the undergraduate BSc in Business and Law. It was a great journey; I learned so much and I met many people willing to help me achieve my goal. Before I started studying, I always knew I wanted to work as a Project Manager; I was hungry to learn everything that I found related to the subject

The help I got from the Employability office from ARUL was huge. They advised me on what courses to do and how to develop my professional profile. During my second year at uni, I completed a specialised certification in Project Management which swiftly boosted my confidence in applying for jobs in my chosen field

I first started as an intern, but I now work in the Project Management department in the IT sector for a digital company that develops international projects. I got there! However, I still felt that there was so much more to discover, so I felt compelled to apply to study MSc International Project Management

My only advice is to persevere and work hard. Start from the bottom and make your way up. Studying a diploma helped me develop enthusiasm and self-confidence: you must love what you do, and most of all believe that you can do it!".

Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management Trip:106 Commercial Street

3rd March 2020

On Thursday 27th February 2020, the Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to 106 Commercial Street for a venue site inspection. This venue belongs to the Old Truman Brewery catalogue of venues. 106 is a stunning former 19th century stable building, which sits opposite the famous Old Spitalfields Market and is centred around a triple heighted atrium. 106 boasts exposed brickwork and many original features including the stable areas themselves, spread over 3 floors, timber beams and beautiful arch entrance, perfect for an organisation looking for a unique urban venue in Central London.

Students were tasked to gain an understanding of the venue space with a view to using the space for their assessment pitch. They needed to consider the logistical ease of set up and breakdown, any obvious focal points and how the case study organisations branding would align with the venue.

Students were able to take photos and gather ideas for their assessment which is to design and theme an event around a given case study.

The Big Pitch 2020

25th February 2020

Welcome to the Big Pitch 2020!

The Big Pitch is a business idea competition exclusively for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Anglia Ruskin University.

Our aim is simple: we want to find passionate entrepreneurs with exciting, imaginative business ideas and give them the chance to pitch for the money and support that they need to make it happen. You don't need to be a business expert; all you need is a good idea.

The competition will run from 19 February–20 May 2020 and is divided into three rounds.

Register your interest at


If you would like more information about the competition,please visit:

Level 6 Business Events and Hospitality Management Trip: ExCeL London

18th February 2020

On Wednesday 12th February 2020, the Level 6 BSc Business and Events Management, and BSc Business and Hospitality Management Students went to ExCeL, which is an exhibitions and international convention centre in Custom House area of Canning Town, East London. It is located on a 100-acre site on the northern quay of the Royal Victoria Dock in London Docklands. The Vision of ExCeL is to be the home of world leading Events.

The students met with the Commercial Director and Events Manager to hear about how Excel operates as an events venue and how they partner with hospitality providers. Students were taken around the venue to see the various event spaces. They also learnt about the best practices the venue and event management teams and hospitality providers need to perform in order for a successful relationship and between the two parties which ultimately leads to a successful event.

Students were able to ask questions and gather ideas for their assessment which is to role play the strategic role of the event venue in delivering the event along with the strategic role of the hospitality provider in delivering an event.

Health and Social Care: King's Fund Event

11th February 2020

Health and Social Care: King's Fund Event

ARU London Health and Social Care team held a lunchtime event where members from the King's Fund discussed health and social care themes.

During the broadcast, key themes discussed included, the publication of the long-awaited green paper on social care reforms, population health and health inequalities; workforce, and legislative changes to support the integration agenda.

We had a great turnout of students with standing room only at the back, so keep a lookout for further, more interesting events in the future and be sure to book your tickets.

Alumni of the Month - Gavin Wood

6th February 2020

Alumni of the Month - Gavin Wood

"Hi, my name is Gavin Wood. I studied at ARU London between 2016 and 2019. The campus is on Charterhouse Street, adjacent to Fleet Street, famous for global newspapers. ARU London is also next to Smithfield Market, famous for William Wallace, and next to the Thames at Blackfriars Bridge, not to mention near Bank, where the great building of Bank of England on Threadneedle Street meets Royal Exchange on Cornhill. The campus is in an iconic setting if history, power, and architecture appeals.

I left London in 2019 after graduating from ARU London to pursue an interest in Forestry, and study MSc Forestry Management at Harper Adams University in Shropshire; one of only a few forestry specialist universities in the UK. Our cohort at Harper is dynamic and includes Forestry Commission staff, land owners, land managers, and people who are passionate about the area of forestry and its ecosystem services for the world and everyone in it.

It's highly unlikely I would be studying Forestry Management now without ARU London. I studied BSc (Hons) International Business Management at ARU. I feel lucky to have had the lecturers I did at ARU. They each gave different tools to better understand how business at the local and international scale works, in terms of fiscal and monetary policies, investments, writing strategies and tactical plans, working well with people from different cultures, critical comparative analysis and better decision making tools generally.

Throughout my study at ARU London I also wrote and released a novel through Waterstones called TIN GOD which is available to purchase.

I would like to thank all of the academic, management and professional services team for supporting me throughout my journey to postgraduate student and novelist".

Level 4 BSc Business and Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management Trip: Tate Modern

16th January 2020

On Thursday 21st November, 2019 the Level 4 BSc Business and Hospitality, Tourism and Events Management students went to ‘Tate Modern.’

Tate Modern, which is a world- famous modern art gallery in London. It holds a collection of modern art from 1900 to the present day. In 2018 Tate Modern was taken over by British Museum as the UK's most popular visitor attraction for the first time in a decade.

Students were able to ask questions and gather ideas for their assessment (Boardroom Simulation) which is to identify the reasons as to how Tate Modern has established itself as the most visited attractions in the UK.

Alumni of the Month - Calin Zamfir

14th January 2020

Alumni of the Month - Calin Zamfir

"Hello, my name is Calin Zamfir. I studied Business Travel and Tourism Management at Anglia Ruskin University London where I graduated with First Class Honours in 2019. I am currently enrolled at the same university in an MSc International Project Management course.

I started my undergraduate degree in 2016 after 30 years since I finished high school. It was not easy to come back to school. Fortunately, I had very good teachers who were very helpful and very skilled. They helped me to develop new skills and enhance my existing ones. I am grateful for their dedication. Step by step I learned again how to learn and simultaneously I started to be aware that I need the degree, not just the diploma, but, most importantly, the knowledge.

During my undergraduate degree, along with my lecturers and my tutors, the Employability Team contributed to my development as a candidate to jobs in the industry. Everything culminated with passing all the stages for my Employability Passport.

I was preparing myself for a career in the hospitability industry from my level 5 in the undergraduate degree. I started my employment as a Hotel Receptionist in a Travelodge hotel. I applied for a Travelodge management course and an MSc International Project Management at ARUL. This new course opened, for me, a different perspective and many other industries.

I would advise all students in an undergraduate degree to focus on their learning, focus on developing new skills, and if they do not understand something in the lecture, they should ask questions until that matter is explained properly."

Hilton Recruitment Seminar

19th December 2019

Hilton Recruitment Seminar

29 Tourism, Hospitality and Events students attended the Hilton recruitment event on Monday 2nd December. During this 30 minute session students heard about Hiltons eco-friendly initiatives and also the job opportunities within this global organisation. Students were given examples from Hilton employees on how to progress within a multinational company and were able to ask questions relating to part time and full time job opportunities.

Those students who attended found the session to be very informative. This event was planned and implemented by Almith Mcfarlene, Emiliya Rankova, Zsofia Saghy and Alexandra Popescu.

Christmas Bus Party

18th December 2019

Christmas Bus Party

On Thursday 28th November, 70 ARU London students from across all three buildings enjoyed the Christmas Bus Party.

The party was held on a traditional double decker London bus. The bus took students along Oxford and Regents street to see the Christmas lights before stopping near Piccadilly circus. Here, students were able to enjoy a glass of prosecco and a mince pie, while listening to an acoustic guitar player. The evening finished with a journey back to Charterhouse and the raffle draw of chocolates, prosecco and afternoon tea. The party was enjoyed by all and was a great way to bring students from all three buildings together in celebration.

The event was planned and implemented by Susana Texeira Ferraz Alves, Linda Santos Simoes, Andreea Raicu and Indiamara Vieira De Souza.

Entrepreneur Event

16th December 2019

Not the Usual Business Seminar

Over 30 level 6 Business students attend the Not the Usual Business Seminar on Thursday 28th November. During this 30 minute session students heard from lecturer and entrepreneur Miguel Dias Costa. Following Miguel sharing his experiences of setting up multiple businesses, the students were tested on if they had what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start up a business of their own, including options for funding their ideas.

This interactive session was both informative and enlightening and was planned and implemented by Gabriella Azzena, Larsen Hodea, Nicola Murgia, Alessandra Balestri and Joe Odis.

Meet the Graduate

13th December 2019

Meet the Graduate

25 Tourism, hospitality and events students attended the meet the graduates event on Monday 25th November. During this 30 minute session the students heard from a Business and Tourism graduate, Calin Zamfir and also Course leader, Kelly Strong. They shared their experiences of studying a post graduate course and working in the industry.

Those students who attended found the session to be very informative. This event was planned and implemented by Giacomo Gabriele, Ksenija Gorcakova, Gioia Giammarino and Sara Cabiddu.

Farringdon Walking Tour

13th December 2019

Farringdon Walking Tour

On Monday 25th November, 30 level 4 Business and Tourism and Business and Events Management students took part in a walking tour around Farringdon.

The students were escorted by Level 6 Tourism and Event Tour Guides to three locations around the Farringdon area. The locations visited were linked to events and hospitality which are the subjects the level 4 students study and included: Crypt on the Green, Museum of the Order Saint John and Leather Lane food market.

The event ran very smoothly and those students who took part really enjoyed the 60 minute tour. The event was planned and implemented by Nina Irinciuc, Razvan Irinciuc, Diana Munteanu and Mihaela Grigoras.

Wear it Pink Fundraising Event

12th December 2019

Wear it Pink Fundraising Event

This fundraising event took place at lunchtime on Monday 25th November. The team sold Lola cupcakes, muffins and had games that students could play in order to win prizes.

The team, which included Cristina Andrei, Alin Cristea, Bartira Andrade De Souza Nassife Passarelli, Ivelina Keranova, Andreea Paraschiv, Gherman Lincan, Florentina Milos and Radu Iancu did a fantastic job of organising the event and raised £176 for their chosen charity, Wear it Pink, which was a great achievement.
Thank you to everyone who donated or took part in this project and helped the team raise this money.

Scholarship Winner - Muhammad Abbas

12th December 2019

Muhammad is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the September 2019 intake, after submitting an entry he was chosen as one of two winners of a 50% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Muhammad and this is what he had to say:

“I have been looking for an opportunity to progress with my studies and the MSC International Project Management from Anglia Ruskin University London seemed like the perfect fit. With accreditation from APM (Association for Project Management) and experienced lecturers it seemed like a great gain knowledge and further my expertise. I had a chance to visit the campus before I applied and found all of the staff welcoming, professional and knowledgeable – I knew I would have the support required to excel in my course and future career.

I am currently working as a Manager Marketing in AYAA Technologies Ltd, a prominent IT company providing various solutions for small to medium enterprises. I have been working on the management of planning of a number of company projects, and am looking forward to gaining additional skills to improve my management of these projects.

With two years’ experience within the company, I was looking for the opportunity to upskill my skills and expertise in project management to benefit my progression in the company and future prospects – I am looking forward to my study and what the future holds.”

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme, more information can be found here -

Alumni of the Month - Robie Christian Reyes Ramos

3rd December 2019

Alumni of the Month 

“My name is Robie Christian Reyes Ramos and I am solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. I studied Law at Anglia Ruskin University London, where I graduated with First Class Honours in 2017.

Before qualifying as a solicitor, I worked and trained at one of Anglia Ruskin University London’s partners, Barar & Associates Limited.

Thanks to the tremendous help that I received from the Employability team, especially Anita Virik, I was able to secure an internship at Barar & Associates alongside my studies.

Nearly three years after my first day at Barar & Associates as an Intern, I have progressed through various roles from an Intern to a fully qualified solicitor.

The skills and knowledge that I have learned during my training contract and my employment overall with Barar & Associates is invaluable to my future career as a solicitor. Building on my skills and knowledge, I have recently left Barar & Associates to develop my career further.

My advice to students is to have the initiative to learn and develop your skills and knowledge, a continuous and regular assessment of your skills and knowledge would be valuable to show what you need to develop further. As a solicitor, you should aim to continuously develop your skills and knowledge to ensure that you are able to represent your client’s best interest.

Additionally, do not be afraid to ask questions, whether it be at your workplace or during your studies.

As my last piece of advice, you should grab the opportunity whenever you are given a chance to do something to improve your skills or knowledge, it does not matter if it is networking, doing a presentation, etc. Do not waste valuable opportunities that can improve yourself, once they are gone, they are gone and you do not know what a good opportunity can lead to.”

GEMS Mentoring Event

2nd December 2019

GEMS Mentoring Event


The GEMS programme operated by the Springboard charity provides a mentoring service for undergraduate students, speaks at universities to promote working in the Tourism, Hospitality and Events sector and showcase industry placement years. Springboard’s work encourages, motivates, builds confidence, develops the skills required and mentors their beneficiaries to succeed in a career within hospitality, events and tourism.


ARUL Students were invited to register and through the registration they had to indicate what they wanted to gain from having a mentor through the initiative.  This allowed Springboard to suggest possible mentors for each student individual and on 12th and 19th November ARUL students attended the GEMS matching days where they were able to meet with several mentors Springboard had suggested. The students were then able to choose the mentor they felt they could develop the best relationship with and begin the mentoring scheme.


Many thanks to Springboard for providing this opportunity to ARUL Students and we are excited to see our students prosper with the assistance of their new mentors.

Masters Fair

28th November 2019

Masters Fair

Across 3 days this week, over 70 Level 6 students attended the ARU London Masters Fair. The purpose of the Masters Fair was to be an educational session giving students an opportunity to learn what ARU London have to offer in terms of its Postgraduate courses.

The students who attended found the sessions very informative and said the sessions helped them understand their potential next steps after graduation.

These events were planned and implemented by Alessia Cilione, Alexandra Epurescu, Andreea Toma and Viktorija Dolgova.

Cancer Research UK Charity Event

27th November 2019

Cancer Research UK Charity Event

This fundraising event took place at lunchtime on Thursday 21 November. The team, which included Alina Aron, Daniel Cotoc, Elena Illie, Veronica Ghita and Angelica Ursachi, shared experiences of fighting Breast Cancer and educated the audience on non-medical preventative methods. As well as donations the team also organised a raffle and the event raised £180 for Cancer Research UK, which was a great achievement.

Thank you to everyone who donated or took part in this project and helped the team raise this money.

Celebrating Black History

26th November 2019

Celebrating Black History


This event took place at lunchtime on Monday 18 November. The event targeted all students and the purpose was for the students to learn about Black History and the art of Capoeira. The students also had an opportunity to join in with the music and Capoeira. Over 60 students attended, with the audience enjoying the Capoeira demonstration and interactive nature of the event.


The event was planned and implemented by Gerard Rattray, Elisa Apetre, Jewen Murray, Robert Adeoye and Jane Ebokosia.

Alumni of the Month - Patrick Hinds

19th November 2019

Alumni of the Month - Patrick Hinds

"I never finished secondary school therefore, I did not have the opportunity to sit my GCSEs and the notion of education was not held with high regards during my transition through adolescence. However, I had a role model who advised me to return to education as this will open up opportunities in terms of career choices which should support me with developing and maintaining a stable life.

My professional career started in business and administration, having worked in this field for 10 years I have also had the opportunity to work in a finance capacity which gave me the work related experience needed to enrol on the Finance and Accounting course at Anglia Ruskin University London.

The return to educational studies was awkward at first, however once I understood what was required of me academically which I believe is an important part of achieving at a high standard, an element of enjoyment came from indulging in the research. Studying Finance and Accounting at ARU London has broadened my understanding of important matters, such as financial planning, managing finances and how to think about finance from a strategic perspective which can be implemented in both my professional career and most importantly my personal life.

Additionally, the Employability scheme at Anglia Ruskin is extremely useful for individuals who need additional support with how to conduct themselves in a professional manner and also gives individuals an insight of the professional world with industry exposure sessions.

Throughout my undergraduate journey at ARU London, there were many turbulent times with regards to finding a suitable study life balance especially if you are working part time and have childcare responsibilities. However, the undergraduate course which is three years goes so quickly and before you know it, you are dressed up in your cap and gown ready to receive you award at the graduation ceremony which is a momentous occasion.

Currently, I am studying a Masters in Business and Administration (MBA) at ARU London while carrying out a Business strategy and finance officer role with CyPak Investment where I plan to implement the technical abilities gained while studying.

So keep your head down, study hard but also ensure you take timeout for yourself and your loved ones who will support you through this process".

Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management - Event Tech Live

11th November 2019

On Tuesday 6th November, the Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to Event Tech Live (ETL) at the Old Truman Brewery in East London. The unique venue has played host to an eclectic mix of events within its white washed warehouse space. 

Event Tech Live is Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology. The multi-strand conference and exhibition gives event organisers, promoters, marketers, agencies and brands the opportunity to learn about the latest technological developments that could improve their events.The two-day event is packed with 70+ educational sessions from some of the industry’s leading experts boasting five stages, each one dedicated to a different sector within the industry.

Among those presenting their experience, ideas, thoughts and knowledge at the show are drpg’s head of insight and innovation, Callum Gill; George P. Johnson’s creative technologist, Zara Kerwood; and SEMrush’s head of event marketing, Aleksandra Panyukhina.

  • Gill’s role at drpg includes drawing together sector insights, business trends and technological developments. As a leading figure in event technology, Gill presented Virtual Presence and the Rise of the Phantom Delegates at the Brand & Buzz stage.
  • Kerwood was also at the Brand & Buzz stage with her presentation on The Power of Mobile. Having joined George P. Johnson in 2016 as a digital project manager, she is now responsible for leading the creation of digital interactive experiences at the marketing agency.
  • Panyukhina has been working in event marketing at SEMrush since 2016 and took to the brand-new Marketing & Measurement stage to present SEO, Content and Technology: The Perfect Mix to Bring an Offline Experience to Life

The students were able to talk to exhibitors and attend the educational sessions to gain an up to date understanding of event technology which is a fundamental part of the industry’s development. Students objectives were also to gather ideas for the assessments within two of their event modules; Event Planning and Project Management and Event Themes and Design.


Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management - Madison Trip

6th November 2019

On Tuesday 29th October 2019, the Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to Madison Roof Top Venue, Overlooking St Paul’s, Madison brings bundles of style, fun and a slice of modern Manhattan to London, all complemented by the views of the City skyline. Perched on the penthouse spot of One New Change, Madison comprises of a glamorous bar, restaurant, cocktail bar and rooftop terraces that are Mediterranean style suntraps making Madison one of London’s most sought after social settings.

The students met with the Events Manager to hear about how the Madison operates as an events venue whilst being taken around the venue to see the various event spaces. They also learnt the best practices the venue and event management team needs to perform in order for a successful relationship and between the two parties which ultimately leads to a successful event. Students were able to ask questions and gather ideas for their assessment which is to design and theme an event around a given case study at this venue and then pitch it.

Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management: SouthBank Trip

29th October 2019

The Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to Southbank Centre, which is a world-famous, multi-venue arts centre in London, with a dynamic year-round festivals programme and an inclusive ethos. Their festival programme encompasses art, theatre, dance, classical and contemporary music, literature and debate. It reaches 6.25 million people a year, and encompasses over 5,000 events featuring world-class artists from across the globe.

The students learnt about how the Southbank Centre operates as an events venue whilst being taken around the venue to see the various event spaces. They also learnt the best practices the venue and event management teams need to perform in order for a successful relationship and between the two parties which ultimately leads to a successful event.

Students were able to ask questions and gather ideas for their assessment which is to design and theme an event around a given case study at a London venue and then pitch it to the directors.

Alumni of the Month - Shukurat Moji Jenmi

1st August 2019

Alumni of the Month

Shukurat Moji Jenmi has just completed her studies in Business and Healthcare Management at ARUL. She opted to study this course to develop herself as a healthcare practitioner but wanted the commercial exposure that the business side of the degree offers.

Following completion of Level 6, Shukurat used the academic knowledge gained in her three years at ARUL to successfully secure a role at Allocate Software, who are at the forefront of workforce optimisation software in the NHS. She has been in touch to share her gratitude towards our lecturing and support staff for providing the foundations for her future career:

“All of this would not be possible without the help of the ARUL employability team, who have kept in touch before and during both interview stages to motivate me along. I say “thank you” to all the lecturers and staff at ARUL who continue to impact lives daily. I hope this motivates current students that age, skin colour etc. does not limit the endless opportunities available.

Thank you to everyone at ARUL for the chance to achieve my full potential.”

Shukurat is hoping to build upon her skillset from her academic background by providing essential data insights and recommendations to inform Allocate about new product innovation. This experience will lay help her towards reaching her career goal of being a consultant business analyst to provide business solutions for virtually any organisation.

Module Evaluation Survey

23rd July 2019

Module Evaluation Survey 

MES will be conducted between Monday 15th July and Monday 5th August. As in the previous semesters, all module evaluation surveys will be online.

A link will be sent to your student email account for you to take part in the survey.

Alumni of the Month - Onai Mbakwe

23rd July 2019

Alumni of the Month - Onai Mbakwe

Success, achievement, and challenges has always been what I wanted to experience -  I decided to do a MBA course in ARU London whilst in employment. I thought this would have been a difficult challenge as I was working full time but the way ARU London had designed their Masters programme that takes place over evenings and weekend, allowed me to balance my; work, social and study life perfectly.

The lecturers were very supportive and it was great being taught by people who are clearly passionate about teaching and fulfil their role to their best abilities.   

Graduating with an MBA Healthcare created opportunities for me, in my previous trust I was involved in a project that won a Nursing Times Award and I've since landed a role setting up a service for a new Hospital within the Independent Sector. My role is dynamic and I feel the MBA prepared me to transition my current skills from NHS to the independent sector with relative ease and comfort.

Introducing our new brand

17th June 2019

Introducing our new brand

The way we look is changing, but our unwavering commitment to our students and our communities remains the same.

ARU's mission has always been to transform lives through innovative, inclusive and entrepreneurial education and research. There’s value in the work that we do, and we’re confident that we do it well. Our new brand encapsulates that confidence.

While we’re moving forward with a new visual style and an emphasis on ARU, we still want to celebrate our history and heritage – so we’ve incorporated elements of our original University crest into our new brand.

As an icon of the East of England, the heron represents self-actualisation, determination and focus. This reflects our commitment to letting people explore, discover and define who they are. But more importantly it acknowledges our students’ ambition and achievements: their successes while they’re with us, and the positive change they bring to the world as graduates.

People are at the heart of ARU, so we’ll be bringing their stories and experiences to the fore. You’ll hear from current students about how they’re realising their ambitions at ARU; from graduates who’ve been given the tools to go out and succeed in the world; and from staff who are committed to making a difference through their teaching and their research.

We’re proud to say you’ll meet people from all walks of life. Some who may always have been destined for university. Some who didn’t think it was an option for them. And some who have witnessed the ability of education to transform lives and now, as lecturers, are passionate about sharing their expertise with a new generation of students.

A common thread running through these stories is people's commitment to the greater good, to giving something back. You could call it idealism. That’s what motivates them.

It’s what motivates us, too.

We know that we help to make the world a better place – not only through our brilliant, diverse groups of students, but through our research, our partnerships with business, and the role we play in our local communities.

We’ve always been firmly rooted in our communities and we want to celebrate our four campuses, our cities and our region. Our new brand will embrace the creative vibrancy of Cambridge and the engineering prowess of Chelmsford; the business powerhouse of London and the healthcare hub of Peterborough.

ARU is a community in itself: a community of staff, students, graduates and partners. We see it in the way our students thrive and in what they go on to achieve. We see it in the genuine, positive impact we have through our dedication to public inclusion, economic development and social good.

Our new brand will shine a light on our dedication to innovative business partnerships, to game-changing research work, and to brilliant outcomes for our students. It speaks for the whole of ARU.

Alumni of the Month - Beth Giles

4th June 2019

Beth Giles graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Business and Tourism from ARUL last year and has just started a new role as Senior Events Coordinator at the Royal Automobile Club.

During the course, she particularly enjoyed the course’s marketing and events modules and credits her lecturer for encouraging her to pursue a career in the events industry, “I really took inspiration from my events lecturer Philippa Vincent, who took me right the way through the process of working in events, from the basics all the way to understanding the planning process of large scale occasions.”

Throughout her studies, Beth decided to get a taster of the practical side of events by working jobs in hospitality; this was a first step on the career ladder and gave her essential skills that are needed to progress into a more prominent events role. After finishing her final exams, it wasn’t long before she secured a placement at one of London’s biggest entertainment venues, Alexandra Palace. Beth was recommended by Philippa to apply for the role, and she started the initial three-month placement in June 2018.

The placement involved assisting the Creative Learning Team with two main projects, BAFTA Big Schools Day and the Great Fete. The role involved a mixture of admin and practical tasks, including managing Detailed Booking Systems, liaising with performers, creating welcome packs, social media takeovers and working with volunteers. Beth explains that this range of responsibilities gave her an extensive introduction to the world of events: “It really appealed to me because it meant I was able to gain first-hand experience in the sector, work within a professional environment for the first time since starting university, and also develop my confidence in meeting and interacting with people.”

Following seven months at Alexandra Palace, Beth had the practical experience needed to kick-start her career in the events industry and felt ready to apply for a more esteemed role. She discovered a senior events role was available at the Royal Automobile Club, an established private members’ club in Pall Mall; she was immediately attracted to this as it would be a new challenge to plan and produce high-quality events for a specific group of people in a corporate environment.

Beth was offered the job and started her new role as a Senior Event Coordinator in April: “The variety of events means every day is a different day, which keeps me on my toes! I'm lucky enough to work in a passionate and creative team who work really hard and I'm able to continue to learn and grow in a wonderful organisation that is the Royal Automobile Club and ARUL provided the perfect preparation for this role.”

Alumni of the Month - Mohammad Islam

7th May 2019

Alumni of the Month

Mohammad Saiful Islam graduated from ARUL with a BA in Applied Accounting (First Class Honours) in 2012. During his time at ARUL, Mohammad also won multiple “Top Achiever” awards due to excellent academic performance across his study modules. His achievements in his undergraduate degree also led him to pursue postgraduate study at ARUL, and ultimately achieved Distinction in MBA (International) in 2014.

When we got back in touch with Mohammad, he described the rewarding academic support he received from lecturers at ARUL: “They provided me solid foundation which enabled me to pursue my topic of interest at the highest academic level. I grew my interest in the application of theories in a real-world context.” He also credits ARUL with developing an array of his academic skills, including critical thinking, note-taking and presentation skills, which have all been essential to his successful academic career.

Since graduating from ARUL in 2014, Mohammad has been conducting doctoral research towards his DBA, completing a study entitled: “Exploring First-time Nascent Entrepreneurs’ Entrepreneurial Opportunity Recognition: A case study of London Metropolitan University’s pre-incubator.” The study investigated the under-researched area of pre-incubator supported nascent entrepreneurs, and specifically examined their cognitive and behavioural processes related to entrepreneurial opportunity recognition.

The study was conducted on graduates who had been supported through university sponsored pre-incubator’s business idea competition and the business start-up programme. The study findings reveal new theoretical insights on their entrepreneurial opportunity recognition that depicts not just their cognition and behaviour, but also their emotion and motivation.

Mohammad’s doctoral supervisor, Dr Theodora Asimakou, praises his unique research:

“The research is exceptionally well designed and conducted to meet very high academic standards; what is more, by adopting a qualitative approach, it succeeds in getting precious insights into cognitive and behavioural processes, that are hard to explore by following the more widespread quantitative approach that dominates this area. The most impressive achievement, though, is found in the findings: the thesis offers new insights into the processes of opportunity recognition and opportunity search, and the work makes a substantial contribution to academic knowledge.”

Mohammad also explained how doctoral research has enabled his personal development:

“Over the four years, I have undergone extensive research training. Thanks to my dedicated supervisor, Dr Theodora Asimakou who has transformed me as a competent researcher. My areas of expertise are academic writing, qualitative research, data management, data analysis and presenting and defending research work. As part of my research development, I regularly present academic conferences in the UK. To date, many scholars have highly commended my work for rigour, clarity and conciseness.”

Following four years of significant research, Mohammad will be graduating with a doctorate in July 2019. He is planning to extend his contribution to academic knowledge through further research on nascent entrepreneurs’ emotion, cognition, behaviour and motivation, and is already preparing to publish articles in peer-reviewed journals in the near future.

Investment Club

16th April 2019

Investment Club

Anglia Ruskin London investment club presents an opportunity for students to better understand the stock market by gaining knowledge on how it works and the benefits of getting involved. The sessions are led by Dele Amusan who details the functioning of the market and ways in which students can participate whilst Martin Sullivan supports the sessions by providing an Introduction to Fundamental Analysis.

The sessions are informative and students who attend gain an understanding of the stock market and some of the advantages of investment.

Trip: Park Plaza Westminster Hotel

16th April 2019

Park Plaza Westminster Hotel 

The Level 5 BSc Business and Tourism Management students and Level 5 BSc Business and Hospitality Management students went to the Park Plaza Westminster Hotel for a lecture on CRM. The Park Plaza Westminster is Conveniently situated on the South Bank of the Thames, Westminster Bridge, London and features contemporary design throughout its 1,019 rooms and suites. The hotel features a Span 15-metre swimming pool, 32 conference rooms, illy Caffè, award-winning Brasserie Joë, Ichi Sushi & Sashimi Bar and If you want a taste of London’s culture, you can listen to live music by local performers while sipping a cocktail at Primo Bar.

The students attended a lecture on CRM by the Regional General Manager and were then taken on a show round of the hotel to see how CRM is embedded into everything they do. Students were able to ask questions and gather ideas for their assessment which is around CRM within the hotel industry.

Discover Romania Tourism Conference

11th April 2019

Discover Romania Tourism Conference

This event took place on Tuesday 9th April from 1pm – 1.45pm. The event was aimed at all students and was an opportunity for them to learn about Romania as a tourism destination.

The students were educated about Romania’s varied landscape, activities, culture, dance and food. This was done through the means of talks, videos, a dancing demonstration and food tasting. Over 70 students enjoyed the conference in the cafeteria with 95% saying they learnt something new about Romania. The event was planned and implemented by Camelia Brahilika, Oana Strambeanu, Elena Gheorghiu, Oana Bobocel and Sergiu Balasanu.

Children in Need Fundraising Event

11th April 2019

Children in Need Fundraising Event

This fundraising event took place at lunchtime on Friday 5th April. The team sold home-made cakes and had games that students could play in order to win prizes. The team, which included Mariana Rosado Ferreira, Gabriele Ribacenkaite, Denise Comba De Alva Teixeira and Louis Pacquette, did a fantastic job of organising the event and raised £170 for their chosen charity, Children in Need, which was a great achievement.

Thank you to everyone who donated or took part in this project and helped the team raise this money.

Farringdon Walking Tour

11th April 2019

Farringdon Walking Tour

On Tuesday 2nd April, 35 Level 4 Business and Tourism and Business and Events Management students took part in a walking tour around Farringdon. The students were split into 3 teams and were escorted by a Level 6 Tourism Tour Guide to three locations around the Farringdon area. The locations visited were The Charterhouse, Museum of the Order of St John and a 1547 pub Ye Olde Mitre.

The teams were given a 5 minute tour of each location, and were also given the challenge to take the most creative photo of their team. These photos have been placed on Instagram using the #unitravelday and the photo with the most likes by Monday 29 April will win a prize.

The event ran very smoothly and those students who took part really enjoyed the 60 minute tour. The event was planned and implemented by Adelina Vasile, Teodora Razgunaite and Loredana Poarca

British Museum Trip

2nd April 2019

British Museum Trip

Two groups of students from the Level 4 Hospitality, Tourism, Events and Tourism Environment module went to visit the British Museum as it is the case study for their interim assignment. They used the visit to find information on the key stakeholders of the museum such as the visitors, the corporate partners, the donors and the local authority.

They collected evidence for their assignments in the form of photos and marketing materials, they also investigated whether there are any conflicts in the needs of the stakeholders.

Alumni of the Month - Petar Draganov

1st April 2019

I started studying my BSc Hons in Business & Human Resources Management in ARUL in 2015, it was an adventure and was a really important chapter in my life.

Thanks to Anglia Ruskin University London, I started my internship back in 2017 and managed to find a great career start post-graduation, I started a job in PEI Alternative Insight, as a client engagement executive. It’s a market intelligence and data provider company in alternative investment sector.  Further, the company is organizing many events and forums around the world. As part of my duties, I make intelligent use of admin systems & PEI staff insight in order to efficiently determine the best approach to engage the client & then action. I am also dealing with account management, and link with other departments as sales and data.

I am really enjoying my time in PEI, and I am grateful for ARUL for all the knowledge I gained during my time in the university, it’s been a great experience.

Thank you ARUL.

Module Evaluation Survey

1st April 2019

Module Evaluation Survey

The Module Evaluation Survey gives students the chance to provide feedback about the teaching or content of each module you study.

How to participate?

A link will be sent to your student email account for you to take part in the survey.

The Survey will run till the 19th April 2019.

International Business Management Trip: Headquarters of Barclays Bank

1st April 2019

Headquarters of Barclays Bank

Business Environment students from the International Business Management degree course were guests at a networking event for 100 people at the headquarters of Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf.

The guest speaker was Transformation Coach Richard Atherton, his clients include Barclays, Sky, Sainsbury’s and the BBC. Richard has completed 50 podcast interviews with prominent business leaders and professors all focused around the topic of how to be human in business, in this talk he shared the lessons he had learned from these interviews.

Global Week Event

25th March 2019

Global Week

On the 18th and 20th of March, we saw the first celebration of Global Week at ARU London. Global week is seen as an opportunity to celebrate our global community and the rich diversity that exists across our university campuses. It was fantastic to see students and staff alike come together to converse and enjoy different foods and music from across the world.

Thank you to everyone who came down and made Global Week a success. The Students’ Union looks forward to making Global Week bigger and better with each year that passes.

Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management Visit Madison Roof Top Bar

21st March 2019

Madison roof top bar, restaurant and event venue Overlooks St Paul’s. Madison brings bundles of style, fun and a slice of modern Manhattan to London, all complemented by the views of the City skyline. Perched on the penthouse spot of One New Change, Madison comprises of a glamorous bar, restaurant, cocktail bar and rooftop terraces that are Mediterranean style suntraps making Madison one of London’s most sought after social settings.

On Tuesday 5th March, the level 5 BSc Business and Events Management Students visited this venue for a show round and mini lecture from the events manager. The purpose of the visit was tied in with the students midterm assessment to pitch a design and theme for a summer roof top party for BAFTA to celebrate their 70th year. Students were able to chat to the events manager after the show round to hear how Madison operates as one of London’s top roof top venues. They also learnt the best practices the venue and catering team need to perform in order for a successful relationship with clients in the context of event operations.

Alumni of the Month - Lauren

12th March 2019

Alumni of the Month

When Lauren started studying for an MSc International Project Management, she was a Project Manager on a small, business change project and was very new to project management (under 6 months in the job). She had no formal project management training and so was unsure if she was doing key activities such as managing risk and dealing with stakeholders in the right way.

The learning she gained on the course enhanced her job performance significantly and allowed her to excel within the role. As a result, about halfway through the course, her employer encouraged her to apply for a promotion. She secured another Project Manager job on a much bigger merger and integration project working within the project management office.

Whilst at ARUL, she continued to work really hard and achieved 9 Top Achiever awards and an overall final Distinction which gave her the confidence to continue to try new opportunities. Since graduating, she has moved onto project managing and IT systems integration project and she is learning about Agile and Scrum project delivery methods. She now has a clear career path and is confident she will be able to continue to progress and grow as she continues to gain experience.

Level 5 Business and Events Management Trip

8th March 2019

On Tuesday 26th February, the Level 5 BSc Business and Events Management students went to International Confex at Olympia London. This well established venue has hosted a wide range of events since opening its doors in 1886.

International Confex has taken place for 35 years and is the largest gathering of event professionals, service providers, thought leaders and buyers in the UK. Its sole purpose is to create an environment of convenience to help support, inspire and drive the events industry forward. 

Attending this event gave the students an opportunity to talk to over 350 exhibitors and attend seminars to help gain an understanding of the latest trends in event management. Seminars took place in four different theatres and covered a multitude of topics including, forecasting the future of event technology, how to double your sponsorship revenues, creativity and branding and a keynote from singer Will Young on wellbeing. Students were also able to see first-hand how a large event operates from a customer service and event management point of view. Students were able to gather ideas and knowledge to bring back into the classroom to help them understand how theory has been applied to a real life case study.

Scholarship Winner - Yvonne

7th March 2019

Yvonne is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the January 2019 intake, after submitting an entry she was chosen as one of two winners of a 50% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Yvonne and this is what she had to say:

"Some will

Some won’t

Some wait

So, what next!

Has always been my motto as a mother of six who in the past had a successful hairdressing business, went through a divorce and became homeless. My motto was realised when I won this scholarship as I proved once more that I am my biggest motivator and I am grateful to ARU London for this opportunity as it has set me on a bright career path. Achieving this award has confirmed to me that anything is possible for anybody and I want to motivate others that it’s never too late to study.

Moving forward, I hope to become an inspiration and mentor to others as I work hard for a PR Sales Director Managerial position, or better yet, run my own company!"

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme, more information can be found here -

Scholarship Winner - Christian

26th February 2019

Christian is one of our Postgraduate Scholarship winners for the January 2019 intake, after submitting an entry he was chosen as one of two winners of a 50% tuition fee scholarship. We caught up with Christian and this is what he had to say:

"It was a great delight for me to have won this scholarship and be accepted on the Master of Business Administration program at Anglia Ruskin University, this grant is really helpful for an entrepreneur like myself in this amazingly competitive country.

In 2010, I earned a degree in Finance and accounting, after that I have been exposed to an extensive range of work position in banking, accounting, financial and auditing experiences along my career, those experiences have provided me with a deeper realization of the importance of being competent in the field. The understanding of this fact pushed me to apply to become a highly qualified professional and have the opportunity to raise similar positions in the British business environment. I consider this Postgraduate degree to be an amazing step towards my future career as a business person, as I expect to add it to my experience and extended my social network".

If you are thinking of studying a Postgraduate degree at ARU London why not submit an entry for our Masters Scholarship Programme, more information can be found here -

The Big Pitch 2019

18th February 2019

Welcome to the Big Pitch 2019!

This is Anglia Ruskin's famous pitching competition where current students can enter a business pitching competition to win from a pot of £10K

Step 1: The idea

The tough bit… Have a brilliant idea… Anything from a new product, a retail business, a website, a social enterprise, a smartphone app... We’re open to all ideas!

Step 2: The movie

Record a 60-second video pitch to sell your idea, and upload it by 5pm on Thursday 22 March. Remember to tell us:

  • What is your name and idea?
  • Who’s going to buy it and why?
  • How would you spend the money?

Step 3: The big sell

Finally, you need to promote your entry! People will be voting online and those votes will make a real difference to who goes through to Round 2 – so get a buzz going about it using any means you like – Facebook, Twitter, or even actual conversations or events!

NSS - Have Your Say

6th February 2019

NSS – Have your say.

Take part in the National Student Survey and shape the future at Anglia Ruskin University – the survey gives you the opportunity to voice your experience of your course and help those considering where and what to study.

For every completed Survey, we will be donating £2 to Save the Children. We invite all final year students to complete the survey at or following the link in your Student E-mail.

Alumni of the Month - Airida

4th February 2019

Alumni of the Month

Airida Jankauskaite recently graduated with a First Class Honours degree in BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management from Anglia Ruskin University, London. She had a career in retail before her studies however, she has always wanted to become a professional in HR. Whilst studying, she was amazed at how supportive and helpful all the lecturers were which helped her to improve her analytical thinking, to structure her ideas and gave her a strong base for further career development.

After graduation, she was a recipient of a Top Achiever award which she is very proud of. Moreover, she has been offered a place as a Graduate Trainee at Anglia Ruskin University, London which she is currently undertaking. Studying at ARUL gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream and she feels she is now even closer to it than ever.

Alumni of the Month - Ina Kvasa

15th January 2019

Alumni of the Month

Ina Kvasa graduated First Class with BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management and is currently working as a Recruitment Administrator with Central and North West NHS Trust. She was recommended by her HR Director where she was working as a Learning & Development Administrator due to her performance. She is settling in her new role, making good progress and haS already been offered a permanent position. She has more training lined up at her workplace which will prepare her to become a HR Advisor and once there is an opening, she will apply for the position.

Ina initially came to the Employability Team for assistance in CV and interview skills – she applied herself well and is a step closer in achieving her career goal as a HR Business Partner/Manager.

Well done Ina!

Level 5 and 6 Business, Tourism and Hospitality: Next Step Event

4th January 2019

Next Steps Panel Event

The next steps panel event took place on Monday, 3rd December and was aimed at Level 5 and 6 Business, Tourism and Hospitality students. The event ran from 1pm – 1.45pm with 7 industry specialist panel members and over 60 students attending. 

The panel members included experts from Tourism, Hospitality and Business. The experts talked about their experiences in their relevant industry’s and provided key information to enable the audience to learn and go away from the session having a better understanding of the next steps they can take for life after university.

Alumni of the Month

3rd December 2018

Congratulations to our graduate Dobromir Dimov who was awarded the St Matthew's prize for achieving the strongest overall final year performance out of all Business Management graduates this summer.

Throughout his study, Dobromir worked as an intern at Equinix, a leading global data centre company and following his graduation, secured a full time position as a Junior Business Analyst. When we caught up with Dobromir he said - “Studying at ARUL definitely opened doors for me and now it’s up to me to keep that momentum going. Being in an industry driving the digital transformation and helping businesses adopt technologies such as cloud and big data is where I see myself growing and learning as a young professional in the future”.

We would like to congratulate Dobromir on his academic achievement and wish him luck in his new position.

Level 5 and 6 Events, Hospitality and Tourism students visit the World Travel Market

27th November 2018

On Wednesday 7th November, over 120 Level 5 and 6, Business and Tourism, Business and Event Management, Business and Hospitality students attended the World Travel Market. World Travel Market is the leading global event for the travel industry, generating more than £3.1 billion of business contracts.

This event has been running for 39 years and over the three days, sees 5,000 exhibiting destinations, technology and private sector companies’ network with 51,000 travel professionals, key industry buyers, journalists, digital influencers, students and tourism ministers. The event was held at ExCeL London which is the largest events venue in London, with an impressive 100,000sqm of purpose built space.

 Attending this event gave the students an opportunity to talk to exhibitors and attend seminars to help gain an understanding of the latest trends in Travel and Tourism. Seminars took place in the regional inspirations zones, covering a multitude of topics, including the importance of content in your marketing, creating an exceptional visitor experience through cutting-edge technology and risk management.Students were also able to see first-hand how a large event operates from a customer service and event management point of view.

Students were able to gather ideas and knowledge to bring back into the classroom to help them understand how theory has been applied to a real life case study.

Made a Difference Awards

4th July 2018

The winners are out! Congratulations to Sonia Ozkaya and Philippa Vincent who both won awards. 

Made a Difference Awards are student led, co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, and are all about students recognising fantastic, inspirational and life-changing Anglia Ruskin Staff. What makes a truly amazing student experience is identified through the nominations and this feedback contributes to improving all areas of our University.

To have a look at all the winners and to see some pictures of the event click here.

Our brilliant SU have also made a video which can be viewed here.

Level 6 Business and Hospitality Students visit the Museum of London

2nd March 2018

On Friday 2 March the Level 6 Business and Hospitality students went on a site visit to the Museum of London. This venue is the case study for part of their assessment for the Hospitality and Venue Management module. The museum is a unique venue as not only is it a fully functional museum daily between 10am – 6pm, it also holds multiple daytime and evening events.

The students met with the museums event sales, operations and catering teams to hear about how the museum operates as an events venue and their individual roles in delivering events at the museum. They also learnt the best practices the venue and the catering teams need to perform in order for a successful relationship and the challenges they are currently facing in relation to the marketing, sales and operations of their events.

The students had the opportunity to view all of their unique event space and get a real insight into what it is like to work and deliver events at a venue.

Exposure into the Industry: the Student Learning and Development Forum

20th November 2017

This month Business and Tourism students had the exciting opportunity to attend the annual Student Learning and Development Forum. This prestigious event was held at the elegant Bloomsbury Hotel, London and hosted by the Institute of Hospitality.

The focal point of the conference was to assess employment opportunities in the industry, contemplate how students can engage and to predict the impact of Brexit. This was achieved through a collection of guest speakers and two panel discussions. The superb lunch provided by the Bloomsbury Hotels further enhanced the day and gave students a glimpse into the world of luxury boutique hotels.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day packed with up to date and relevant information providing an insight into the current challenges and opportunities in the tourism and hospitality industry.