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The BSG (Business Strategy Game) is a business simulation game which is used across Business Schools worldwide and where students are divided into groups of between 4-6 and tasked to run a major international athletic footwear company. Students become co-managers and are responsible to make up to 72 strategic decisions (ranging from distribution to marketing) every week. It runs for a total of 6 weeks. Here at ARU London we use this business simulation in our Strategy modules at Level 6 and 7.

BSG compiles a BSG Global Top 100 performances which comprises a global company ranking of best performing companies. 

Out of 6000 global teams, our students ran group 'Airfox' and came joint First in Best Overall Score performance of the week,  worldwide - with an Overall-Game-to-Date score of 110. 

Another group, ‘A Artemis’ earned 77th position in Best Stock Price performance of the week, worldwide. 

This is an extraordinary achievement and testimony to their exceptional hard work, dedication, teamwork and strategic approach to management. 

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