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At ARU London, we understand the financial challenges that students may face during their studies. To support those experiencing financial hardship, the university offers various grants and bursaries. More information on these financial aids can be found on our website here.

Additionally, we would like to highlight the travel bursary available to all students. This bursary can help offset the cost of commuting to campus, allowing students to save up to £500 per academic year on travel expenses. For further details on grants, allowances, and budgeting tips, please visit our website. Additionally, a helpful video on managing money and cost of living, which can be accessed here

If you require advice on student finance and maintenance loans, we recommend visiting our website here. Additionally, the UK government's website, provides valuable information on student finance for new full-time students.

We are committed to supporting our students throughout their academic journey and ensuring that financial concerns do not hinder their success. Do not hesitate to get in touch with our finance department should you have any questions at 

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