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Healthcare Management Talk from Pradip Karanjit, Deputy Chief Operating Officer from the NHS. 

On the Monday 21st of November Pradip Karanjit, joined us for an insightful discussion about his role at the NHS as Deputy Chief Operating Officer. This was organised by the Employer Engagment team at ARU London.

Pradip discussed his personal and academic background before excellently outlining the job market with the NHS system. 

Pradip summarised how his background led him to have a keen interest in healthcare, including being raised in Nepal and wanting to improve the healthcare system within his home country. Pradip attributes some of his success to studying healthcare management at the University of East London and attending talks with an Industry expert who gave him great tips to be employed within the NHS.

He also outlined his professional history which included, Head of access and capacity from 2008-2014 and a range of NHS jobs before becoming deputy chief operating officer. 

Pradip gave a great overview of the structure of the NHS, the job market and the NHS graduate management scheme, as well as the requirements and qualifications for roles. 

There were great questions at the end from students on topics such as salary expectations. Pradip also shared his reasons for his success within healthcare management as his own patience in building skills and self-development, within the various positions he has undertaken. 

If you would like to know more about Pradip’s background or would like to get in touch please contact who can pass on his details

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