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ARU wins UK University of the Year for Advancing Social Mobility

We are thrilled to announce that Anglia Ruskin University has been honoured with the coveted title of "University of the Year" at the prestigious UK Social Mobility Awards. This recognition underscores our commitment to advancing social mobility and creating a more inclusive educational landscape.

The UK Social Mobility Awards, are an initiative by the charity Making the Leap. These awards were established to raise awareness and celebrate organisations that actively work towards bringing about change and championing the cause of social mobility in the United Kingdom.

Across the entirety of ARU, an impressive 87% of our student body represents one or more under-represented groups in Higher Education. We take immense pride in the diversity, ambition, and hard work of our students, fully acknowledging that many of them have overcome various obstacles—be it social, physical, or economic—to pursue their education with us.                            

This achievement is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our colleagues across ARU. ARU Peterborough was strategically designed to address the specific needs of a city that has long been considered a 'Higher Education cold spot.' In Peterborough, only 32% of the population holds degree-level qualifications, in stark contrast to the national average of 43%. The ARU community is playing a pivotal role in bridging this educational divide, making higher education accessible to a wider demographic.

This remarkable accolade would not have been attainable without ARU's ability to make bold and forward-thinking strategic decisions. The collective vision, unwavering dedication, and hard work of our colleagues and partners have been instrumental in our journey. We extend our heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to our mission of making a transformative difference in the lives of our students.

This recognition speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to fostering social mobility and celebrating the diversity and potential of all our students at ARU. We remain dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive educational environment that empowers every student to reach their full potential.

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