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Dear All,

In consideration of recent government guidance ‘COVID-19 RESPONSE: LIVING WITH COVID-19’, teaching on your course will only be delivered physically on-campus beginning from 7th May 2022, (the start of trimester 3 of the current academic year).

From some of your feedback, you have been clear that on-campus physical interaction offers a superior learning experience and enables you to interact with your academics and peers in a way that isn’t possible virtually. Therefore, I am sure you will welcome this move to face-to-face learning on-campus.

However, if you are worried about how this change will impact you, we encourage you to contact the DOS office, or the Students' Union advice service, who will be able to help with any of your concerns.

Finally, please note that for those students who are unable to attend class, (due to extenuating circumstances, ill-health etc.), you will still have access to learning materials on the VLE.

I wish you all the best,

Dr Muke Ferguson

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