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As part of our commitment to developing our students' knowledge, skills, experience, and employability in their chosen fields, we offer a 50% tuition scholarship. We caught up with Mahfuzur Rahman, one of our successful Master’s Scholarship Programme applicants to find out what he finds most rewarding from her postgraduate degree and the scholarship:

“I chose to study a Master’s degree so I could develop my skills and gain more knowledge to achieve my life ambitions and projects. My dream is to become a strong independent entrepreneur through utilising my marketing Master’s knowledge, along with my accounting skills to keep a business running successfully.

I applied for the scholarship as the incentive that I could potentially have financial help, be able to stand back up on my two feet and be able to spend extra time on my studies without having to constantly worry about money was extremely appealing to me. I also went through a difficult and stressful situation over the past few years, so having less financial stress on top was a bonus. I wanted to use the money I saved to launch my marketing project. The 50% scholarship has helped me a lot. I’ve already started planning and allocating funds to ensure that my masters YouTube project is successful.

After my degree I want to help and inspire others. I want to help people achieve their marketing dreams. I want to make a global impact with my friends, with YouTube and my personal music production journey. I want to be the first Italian-Bengali to make a difference in the community who is proof you can start at the bottom and achieve your goals.  

If it wasn’t for the financial impact that Covid-19 caused, I probably would have been in a better situation but the scholarship helped with this. I believe everyone has their time to shine, some get it sooner, some get it later, the most important lesson is that I was able to personally develop my character before I become successful, discipline is key."

All ARU London alumni are offered a £2,000 scholarship if they wish to continue their studies to a postgraduate level. Get the most out of your postgraduate degree by applying for our Masters Scholarship Programme here.

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