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Scholarship Winner: Justyna

Justyna's journey at ARU London began with a dream of creating a brighter future. She saw her MBA as a crucial stepping stone toward achieving her ambitions.

Life can be unpredictable, and Justyna found herself facing unexpected challenges. Balancing work and studies became a necessity. This is when she decided to apply for a scholarship to ease the burden and continue her educational journey.

Thanks to ARU London and the 50% scholarship, Justyna received the support she needed. It allowed her to focus more on her studies and worry less about financial constraints. This support has been invaluable on her academic path.

After completing her degree, Justyna aims to expand her knowledge and network. Her dream job is within reach, and with the education and opportunities ARU London provides, she's on her way to achieving it.

Justyna's story reminds us that determination, combined with the right support, can help us overcome life's challenges and work towards our dreams. ARU London is proud to be a part of her journey. 

Dreaming of pursuing a Master's Degree? ARU London is here to make it happen with our prestigious scholarships! Applicants have the chance to receive up to 50% off their Master's Degree tuition fees.

We are here to help you achieve your career and postgraduate ambitions here at ARU London. Additionally, to our Master’s scholarship, all ARU London alumni are offered a £2,000 Entry Scholarship if they wish to continue their studies to a postgraduate level. More information can be found here - 

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