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Scholarship Success Story: Mihaela Petcu

Mihaela's educational journey at ARU London started with an undergraduate degree in Finance and Accounting. Her passion for the subject led her to take the next step, pursuing an MSc in Accounting and Financial Management.

Mihaela learned about the opportunity to receive a 50% discount on her master's program costs by writing a 750-word essay. What initially seemed easy turned into a challenge, but Mihaela didn't give up. Winning the scholarship filled her with pride, knowing that persistence pays off.

The 50% scholarship has provided Mihaela with much-needed financial relief. It allows her to focus on her studies by reducing the burden of tuition fees. Mihaela is using the scholarship to cover her travel expenses and support herself during her postgraduate studies.

This scholarship also opens doors for Mihaela to engage in practical training and work experience, further enriching her education. It's a chance to make the most of her postgraduate journey.

Mihaela's goal after completing her degree is to enhance her career and deepen her knowledge in the field. She believes in the power of education to open doors to new opportunities.

Mihaela expresses her gratitude to ARU London and the Student Union for their unwavering support throughout her undergraduate journey. Her dream of pursuing both an undergraduate and master's degree is coming true, thanks to her determination and ARU London's support. 

Dreaming of pursuing a Master's Degree? ARU London is here to make it happen with our prestigious scholarships! Applicants have the chance to receive up to 50% off their Master's Degree tuition fees.

We are here to help you achieve your career and postgraduate ambitions here at ARU London. Additionally, to our Master’s scholarship, all ARU London alumni are offered a £2,000 Entry Scholarship if they wish to continue their studies to a postgraduate level. More information can be found here - 

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