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In the previous trimester, we asked you to ask your new Vice President of ARU London's Students' Union about her new term. Questions ranging from advice for new students to her new vice presidency came pouring in. We have fed these back to Adebisi and she has excitedly answered these for you to let you know the best ARU London has to offer you and what she plans to do to continually improve your learning and experience at ARU London:

What is your plan for 21/22?

Student engagement, Global Week, Black History Month, Award evening, Survival Guide. Increase the engagement student have with the university and the student union. Connecting with student in order to improve their student experience life here at ARUL.

What course are you on? And any plan for further studies? And how are you gonna do it? 

Thanks for this amazing question! I am studying International Business Management. Further studies.. not now because I am more of a practical learner, I like to focus a lot more on experience and then broaden my knowledge with education when I know exactly what I want to specialise in.

With the help of the ARU London Employability team, I was able to secure an internship at a consulting firm and I hope after my degree I work with the company and hopefully the company invest in my masters when I decide to do it. The plan is to finalise my degree, complete my internship, secure employment, gain more experience, enhance my knowledge with a masters degree or additional online courses.

You seem like someone very competent and knowledgeable. Thank you for stepping up for all students. That is all I have to say actually, and you have a wonderful smile!

I am speechless, and that is saying something, thank you so much for your kind words! I hope to make an impact on the student experience in a positive and inspiring way. Thank you so much.

What made you want to stand as the next President?

I was a Class Rep for my cohort and the Course Champion for International Business Management Department, and I could see how some groups weren’t represented. Most importantly, I want all students to get all the support they have access to and make sure their voices are heard clearly and valid. 

How are you keeping up with the current issues affecting the university and union?

The issues affecting the university and union is very vast and no issues can be resolved without both parties working together for a better experience for the student. A lot has changed due to unprecedented issues like the pandemic, and it will most certainly change the way we study as students and the way the university engages with students. 

What was the first thing you did as Vice President?

We created a survival guide that will help students know all the important information they need to know about life in ARU London from Welcome Week to graduation. It is a mini-guide fuelled with vital information. If you have any tips to improve the student experience for all that could be included in the survival guide, do contact me:

What words of wisdom do you have for new students in September?

Ask questions, stay connected with the student union and use your voice, because your ideas and opinions are valid. Your representation at the Student Union really boosts your employability and presentation levels.

What are you most looking forward to over the course of your Vice Presidency?

Student engagement, making a legacy change that will better ARU London student life. A social event that will impact a change will also be a bonus.

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