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Success Stories

Emelia's Story

Emelia's Story

BSc Business and Healthcare Management

Emelia shares her story with us about her remarkable journey at ARU London. Graduating in July 2023 with a BSc (Hons) in Business and Healthcare Management, she's a testament to the incredible potential that lies within each ARU London graduate.

After completing the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Employability Scheme, which provided her with a solid foundation for her career, Emelia embarked on her post-graduation job search. However, she soon realized that she needed more to truly shine in the competitive job market.

Turning to the Employer Engagement Team at ARU London, Emelia received the personalized guidance she needed. With one-on-one coaching, she honed her CV, supporting documents, and interview skills, transforming her job search experience.

The results speak for themselves. Emelia's newfound confidence and application materials helped her secure a coveted position within the NHS. Her journey from graduation to success is a testament to the transformative power of education and dedicated mentorship.

As Emelia reminds us, "Your ARU London journey will be the best one yet!" Your dreams are within reach, and with determination and the right support, you can achieve remarkable success. 

Ophelie's Story

Ophelie's Story

BSc with Honours in Business and Marketing

Ophelie shared her story with us about her remarkable journey at ARU London. "Having recently graduated, I was initially drawn to the marketing aspects of my course, I found great value in studying business environment and economics. These tools proved invaluable as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, the pandemic affected my early years, but I organised online study groups with my classmates for mutual support. I greatly appreciate the support from my marketing course leaders, Robert from Consumer Behaviour, and mentorship from Michael Spalding. The "12 Ronnies" event and the Pitch Competition were also standout experiences.

I acquired skills in business strategies like PESTEL and SWOT analysis, as well as marketing strategy models. These skills have been instrumental in my freelance marketing consulting work.

I run my own business as a health and fitness coach, specializing in circus, aerial, and holistic fitness. I also provide marketing consultancy and am opening my first facilities.  I was influenced by the university's reputation and the recommendation of alumni friends.

My degree instilled confidence in my abilities and provided me with a clearer sense of direction for my future. My Advice for Current Students is take full advantage of everything offered on campus, especially the support teams. The Enterprise Hub was my go-to for real support as an aspiring entrepreneur. Use all available tools, don't hesitate to seek help, and lean on your peers and the support team during challenging times. Your ARU London journey is what you make of it!"

Andrea's Story

Andrea's Story

BSc (Hons) Business and Marketing 

Andrea Puccio is a recent Business and Marketing Graduate, who now operates his own company. He is a Digital Content Creator and the name of his Company is, La tua Londra.

“My time as an undergraduate at ARU London has truly been an incredible journey. From the very first year to the very last day, I can honestly say that I cherished every moment. I can proudly say that I never missed a class throughout my academic journey. This dedication allowed me to not only gain a deep understanding of my chosen field but also foster meaningful connections with my professors and fellow students. Speaking of my fellow students, I have fond memories of each and every one of them. We supported each other through the challenges of coursework and exams and celebrated our successes together.

There was one person at ARU London who made my experience truly extra special, and that person was my lecturer, Rehan. He taught us various modules, especially focusing on Marketing, and he became more than just an instructor; he became a mentor and a friend. He had a unique way of making complex marketing concepts easy to understand, and his enthusiasm was infectious. His lectures were engaging, and he always encouraged active participation, which made the learning experience enjoyable and interactive. Rehan made ARU London an extra special experience for me. His mentorship, support, and the sense of belonging he cultivated in his classes contributed significantly to my personal and academic growth.

The knowledge and skills I've acquired during my studies have provided me with a strong foundation in my chosen field. It has been a valuable investment in my personal and professional development. The best advice I can offer to your current students is to embrace every aspect of their educational journey with enthusiasm and a growth mindset.  Self-confidence is key. Believe in your abilities, and don't underestimate what you can achieve. Set high standards for yourself and exceed them”.    

If you are inspired by this story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.  


Daniel's Story

Daniel's Story

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

We are pleased to feature the alumni journey of Daniel Daescu, an outstanding alumnus who embodies the spirit of perseverance and achievement. Daniel's story is an inspiring testament to the power of determination and the unwavering support of our employability services, having secured a position on the graduate trainee programme, offered by the London Port Authority. 

"As I embarked on my journey to secure a graduate trainee position, I encountered the inevitable challenges that come with the job search process. For five months, I navigated the job market with the hopes of finding a place where I could thrive and contribute meaningfully. Though the road was not without its setbacks and rejections, I was determined to persevere. 

Amidst the trials, I found solace in the support of the employability team. Their unwavering guidance, from meticulously reviewing my CV to conducting mock interviews, was the cornerstone of my success. Their dedication fueled my confidence and honed my skills, ultimately propelling me toward my new role as a Generalist - graduate trainee.

My journey stands as a reminder that challenges are stepping stones to growth. I urge every student to embrace the assistance available to them, especially through ARUL's Employability Department."

 Daniel's story exemplifies the transformative potential of dedication, support, and the pursuit of excellence. If you would like to know what the employability department can do for you, contact 

David's Story

David's Story

BSc Business and Marketing

Meet David Ramirez, a dedicated Business & Marketing student at Anglia Ruskin University London, whose passion for design and marketing recently led him to a remarkable achievement. David's journey unfolded when he enthusiastically participated in a marketing campaign for Lebara, where his artistic talent shone through in the creation of an impactful poster.

The inspiration for David's involvement in the campaign sprang from ARU London's invaluable Employer Engagement team. The allure of Lebara's proposal resonated deeply with his interests in graphic design and visual communication. 

As the design process kicked off, David seamlessly collaborated with the Lebara team. Their partnership ensured his work aligned flawlessly with their expectations and requisites. This experience, in David's own words, "brings theoretical knowledge to life in a tangible, real-world context." Engaging in such projects provides students with a platform to navigate the practical complexities of their field, fostering essential skills such as communication, collaboration, and time management.

Regular interactions and constructive critiques played a pivotal role in refining and enhancing David's design. This collaborative approach enabled him to fine-tune his creation, resulting in a final product that impeccably encapsulated Lebara's brand essence and communication standards. Moreover, David recognizes the additional benefit of building a robust portfolio through these real-world projects, showcasing his design proficiency and versatility.

David expresses his heartfelt gratitude to Lebara for the opportunity and to ARU London for recognizing his potential in this endeavour. David Ramirez's story is a testament to the power of merging passion with opportunities, transforming education into real-world success, and ultimately inspiring fellow students to chase their dreams in the realm of design and marketing.

Akunna's Story

Akunna's Story

MSc International Project Management 

Meet Akunna Ajuka, a determined and talented graduate of ARU London's MSc International Project Management programme. Akunna's academic journey was nothing short of exceptional and she credits ARU London with landing her dream role as a project manager.  

During her time at ARU London, Akunna found great passion in the Leadership module taught by Adina Bozga and the Entrepreneurial and Innovation Management course led by Paul Stallard. These modules provided her with valuable insights into applying social taxonomy research and winning buy-in from stakeholders, skills that she now expertly applies in her current role. 

For Akunna, the highlight of her time at ARU London was the strong relationships she formed with her cohort. Together, they encouraged each other through challenging aspects of the course and provided unwavering support during the Postgraduate Major Project. Even after graduation, Akunna's peers continue to be a source of professional support for each other! 

The Employability and Enterprise Hub played a crucial role in Akunna's journey. They equipped her with practical skills, access to LinkedIn courses, and membership to professional bodies like APM. These resources proved invaluable in gaining industry insights and securing her current position. 

Her ARU London degree opened doors to more influential positions and job offers and helped her secure her role as a project manager. Akunna plays a vital role in monitoring data and research, ensuring they meet performance, budget, and time standards.

Akunna's best advice to current students is: “Invest your heart and soul into every assignment. The effort you dedicate will expand your horizons and foster a profound understanding of your subject matter.” Her journey at ARU London has been an inspiring and rewarding adventure. She has graciously agreed to participate as a speaker at ARU London events, sharing her inspiring journey.  Congratulations to Akunna Ajuka on her achievements.

If you are inspired by this story and would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.



Mariana's Story

Mariana's Story

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

Meet Mariana Mihai, a remarkable graduate of ARU London's Bachelor of Science with Honours in International Business Management.

Mariana's academic journey was filled with valuable experiences and unforgettable modules. The Human Resources Management module sparked her interest in managing human resources effectively, resulting in a significant decrease in employee turnover and the retention of valuable talents. Paul Kotler's Marketing module and LinkedIn learning resources propelled her to achieve top results, and the Operations and Project Management module enhanced her understanding of lean processes and supply chain dynamics.

Mariana cherished her time as a student peer mentor at ARUL, where she had the opportunity to give back to the university community while honing her teaching, attention-to-detail, and critical thinking skills. Throughout her journey, Mariana honed her time management skills, enabling her to balance her academic commitments with work and personal life effectively. The Managing Human Resources module helped her discover latent abilities in empathy and communication, empowering her to excel as a team leader in her workplace.

Armed with the knowledge and skills gained at ARUL, Mariana secured her dream job at Amazon as a Catalogue Specialist in Italian. The university's teachings have equipped her to handle the responsibilities of multicultural teamwork, personal growth, and mentoring.

Mariana chose ARU London for its prestige and impressive employability ranking. Experienced lecturers and comprehensive study modules attracted her, and the central London location sealed the deal. The online reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations further solidified her decision.  Mariana credits the strong Employability focus as pivotal in her securing her Amazon job. 

Her academic journey at ARU London has ignited a passion for continuous growth. She plans to pursue an MBA at ARUL to further enhance her business management expertise. Mariana's advice is simple yet powerful—follow your dreams, give your best in everything you do, savour the results, and never stop improving yourself.


Laura's Story

Laura's Story

LLB (Hons) Law

Meet Laura Contaldo, a tenacious ARU London LLB (Hons) Law graduate who embraced challenges and carved her path to success.

Laura, the Company Law module was an exhilarating experience that sparked her interest in the legal world. It provided valuable insights and propelled her towards her career aspirations. Her time at ARU London was filled with achievements, including winning the prestigious Top Achievers Award and participating in engaging seminars. These experiences enriched her academic journey.

The employability team stood by Laura throughout her application and interview process, paving the way for her to secure a rewarding role after graduation. Their guidance made all the difference in her career journey.

From effective communication and time management to adaptability and patience, Laura acquired essential skills and knowledge during her studies. These attributes have been instrumental in navigating life's challenges with resilience.

Laura is now a Corporate Services Assistant, responsible for company incorporations, corporate filings, administrative duties, and processing agent requests. Her dedication and expertise make her an asset in the corporate world.

With her LLB degree under her belt, Laura aspires to become a Company Secretary, leveraging her extensive knowledge of the UK legal system to excel in diverse fields. Opting for full-time study, Laura seized the opportunity to embark on a new path during the challenging times of the COVID outbreak. Her determination and perseverance have propelled her forward. She values the fundamental knowledge of the UK law system gained from her degree, which empowers her to excel in various career endeavours. 

Laura's advice to current students is to be confident and embrace mistakes as stepping stones to growth and resilience. 

Laura credits the employability team for instilling in her the importance of a tailored CV and strong interviewing skills, which have been invaluable in her journey. Her journey at ARU London is a testament to determination, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence.

Natalia's Story

Natalia's Story

BSc International Business Management

I am a recent graduate in International Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University in London and have 5 years of experience in the field of education.

Like everyone at some point, I had doubts about which path to follow or clear career goals, but I knew that with a good work ethic, my ambition and desire to be a professional in the international business world would help me to find the right path, and that every decision and experience gained would help clarify my direction.

My best decision was to start my undergraduate degree at Anglia Ruskin University, where I took advantage of opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and acquire new skills. I was my course representative for 3 years, I went to employability sessions, I was interested in meeting new people and learning from them and their experience. I approached my university lecturers and enquired about their careers, as one can learn a lot about them outside of the curriculum.

At a time that I needed it most, I was very glad to have reached out to the Employability team to look for job opportunities. I am very happy with the support I received, especially from Anita. They are wonderful people and helped bring out the best in me.  They helped me to improve my CV and Cover letter and to prepare for interviews, which made me feel much more confident. I will always be grateful to this team of professionals, as they helped me get my first job as a Stock Controller / Importer for an International company only 3 weeks after finishing my final year of university.  

My advice to upcoming students is to never be afraid or embarrassed to seek help and ask questions, you never know who you will meet and who can help you in times of uncertainty, be curious and never give up.

Worlanyo's Story

Worlanyo's Story

International Project Management MSc

ARU London takes immense pride in its alumni and their career progression. In a recent interview with Worlanyo Kwame Anyigba, who studied International Project Management with us, he highlighted the Business Improvement and Change course as the standout experience. The course was taught by Dr Gbadebo Ogunlami, whose unique teaching style left a lasting impression. Their exceptional teaching skills made the courses truly memorable.

“At ARU London my experience of meeting people from different career backgrounds was great! I was fascinated to discover the similarities between Project Management in various sectors. As someone who has worked in construction my entire career, this was a revelation. I was particularly impressed by Miguel Dias Costa, who taught me about the importance of Risk Management and how to maintain a risk register. His teachings were invaluable and have given me a new perspective on managing risk in my projects.

The law course here has improved my email communication skills, while Leading Projects taught me about the different types of people I would encounter in project management. As a Quantity Surveyor turned Cost Manager, I primarily focus on cost control using data from P6 and PRISM, with PRISM being my main software. 

A friend introduced me to this course at ARUL, and I appreciate the well-structured modules as well as the confidence it has given me to succeed in my career as a quantity surveyor. 

Advice I would give is - Remember, don't leave your assignments until the last minute, trust me, I learned that the hard way and it was not pretty. You don't want to burn out before the semester is even over! So, plan out your whole trimester and work towards it.”

If you are inspired by this story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Vladislav's Story

Vladislav's Story

MBA International 

Our alumni are important to us and we are very pleased to see them succeed. Vladislav Dimitrov, a Business Analyst who studied for an MBA International with at ARU London, shares his story:

"This course gave me the opportunity to meet new and amazing people. The modules were the platform I much needed to gain understanding of the foundations of the business world. I used those foundations for the career change I much wanted.

Going to the campus and having the pleasure of interacting with my colleagues and listening to all the knowledge the tutors were passing to us were my highlights. I found the group activities really fruitful, such as the Strategy Game we played or the Board of Directors meeting we had in a real board meeting room.

All lecturers I had during my course left a mark which only true educators can. The colleagues from the employability office and scheme were very helpful as well. If I need to highlight one person that will be my course leader John Threlfall.

The one skill I started developing during the course was critical thinking and be more knowledge driven in my views and opinions. The modules opened the doors of understanding how organisations work and a new world waiting to be explored.

The knowledge I achieved during my course gave me the advantage on interviews when I made my career change from Retail to the Business Division of the organisation I am working for as a Business Analyst. Supporting the business stakeholders in shaping their requirements, documenting and analysing the requirements following industry standards, bridging between the business and IT colleagues, benefits realisation and traceability.

The way the course was organised absolutely allowed me to continue working full time and study and most importantly the Career progression and further academic qualifications I needed to succeed.It helped me change my career path and start gaining new knowledge

My advice would be to put the required effort in studies and gaining new skills will pay off, no matter how hard it looks now - difficult modules, work, family, other plans. One of the biggest achievements for me was to improve even more how I organise my time and priorities when studying and working full time. The employability awards helped me prepare for the important interview and gave me confidence too!"

If you are inspired by this story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Shpat's Story

Shpat's Story

BSc International Business Management

Shpat Mazrekaj studied BSc with honours in International Business Management here at ARUL. Graduating this summer and already landing a job as an account executive, Shpat shared his story with us:

"During my time at ARU London, I found all the modules to be highly interesting and relevant to business. The up-to-date information and case studies provided were helpful in preparing me for the business world and its associated challenges. The staff, students, and employability services were incredibly helpful and made my experience at ARUL exciting. The group projects were a particular highlight, as they were fun, creative and demonstrated the importance of teamwork. Overall, ARUL has been fantastic and has contributed to my development of important skills such as critical thinking, communication, and writing.

ARUL has been an exceptional experience for me. Each member of the institution has played a crucial role in shaping me as a student. My degree has equipped me with essential skills such as critical thinking and communication, and has also enhanced my writing skills. Overall, ARUL has fortified me as a person, improved my existing skills, and taught me new skills that have proven valuable in my working environment.

After completing my degree, I landed a job as an Account Executive. My responsibilities include managing client relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and ensuring client satisfaction. It's been challenging yet rewarding, and I have a talented and supportive team. The international environment and business-oriented approach at ARUL helped me gain analytical and communication skills, which has helped me acquire my current position and receive more job offers.

If you're looking for a role, it's important to stay dedicated to your goals. Don't forget about your ambitions and where you want to be in the future. Keep learning, exercising, practising and making small improvements – it will add up over time and help you achieve your goals. Be factual, concise and detailed in your job search – this will help you stand out from the competition."

If you are inspired by this story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Julia's Story

Julia's Story

Business and Law BSc, International Project Management MSc

Julia Pirv, a Senior Project Manager, recently shared with us how she landed her current role. She studied Business and Law Bsc and MSc International Project Management with us, which equipped her with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in her field.

"During my academic journey, I have taken various courses that have helped me in different ways. However, the modules that I studied during my masters have been the most beneficial for my career progression. These modules have provided me with the basic knowledge that I needed to start my career as a Senior Project Manager.

Although some of the modules are not directly applicable to my current job, they have broadened my perspective on the world and enhanced my general knowledge, which is indispensable. Overall, my time at ARU London has formed the foundation of my knowledge and skills that have enabled me to excel in my career.

It helped me land my dream job and even helped me figure out what I wanted to do in the first place. But listen up, students - don't just go to school for the piece of paper. Learn for yourself and your own growth. Trust me, it'll pay off in the long run! Stay true to yourself and keep hustling towards your goals."

Sofia's Story

Sofia's Story

BSc Business and Events Management 

Sofia Foti studied Business and Events Management (BSc) at ARUL and developed a passion for events after organizing her High School Prom in 2018. She found the experience fulfilling and decided to pursue a career in the field. With hard work and dedication, she secured a role as Graduate Manager at art'otel London Battersea Power Station through ARU London's career services and the Careers Fair organized by ARU London Students Union. Sofia also completed the employability awards scheme, earning a gold certificate which greatly helped in improving her CV to impress recruiters. She used her knowledge to support the organisation of the ARU London Leavers ball this year, which helped build her skills for her future. 

Sofia is thrilled to begin her 18-month graduate program, which consists of three 6-month rotations in Events and Meetings, Food and Beverage, and Reception. Her goal is to become a Hotel Manager, and this program will allow her to develop her skills in both operational and managerial roles. If Sofia performs well, she may be offered a permanent supervisory/managerial position within the company. Sofia credits her degree for helping her secure the role, particularly during the assessment day center where she was asked questions about business management, hospitality, and events.

Sofia's work ethos at ARU London reflects the Graduate Attributes that the university aspires for its students. If you are seeking support for your career journey, whether you are a current student or alumni, please email to receive assistance from the Careers Team.

Robie's Story

Robie's Story


Alumni Robie Christian Reyes Ramos is now an Associate at Eversheds Sutherland LLP, specialising in corporate immigration law. Ramos shared his career story since graduating from ARUL with a Law Degree in 2017. Ramos has a lot of legal experience, including two years at Deloitte, prior to his current role.

“Before qualifying as a solicitor, I worked and trained at one of Anglia Ruskin University London’s partners, Barar & Associates Limited.

Thanks to the tremendous help that I received from the Employability team, especially Anita Virik, I was able to secure an internship at Barar & Associates alongside my studies.

Nearly three years after my first day at Barar & Associates as an Intern, I have progressed through various roles from an Intern to a fully qualified solicitor.

The skills and knowledge that I have learned during my training contract and my employment overall with Barar & Associates are invaluable to my future career as a solicitor. Building on my skills and knowledge, I have recently left Barar & Associates to develop my career further.

My advice to students is to have the initiative to learn and develop your skills and knowledge, a continuous and regular assessment of your skills and knowledge would be valuable to show what you need to develop further. As a solicitor, you should aim to continuously develop your skills and knowledge to ensure that you are able to represent your client’s best interest. Additionally, do not be afraid to ask questions, whether it be at your workplace or during your studies.

As my last piece of advice, you should grab the opportunity whenever you are given a chance to do something to improve your skills or knowledge, whether it is networking, doing a presentation, etc. Do not waste valuable opportunities that can improve yourself, once they are gone, they are gone and you do not know what a good opportunity can lead to.” 

Ramos recently spoke to our Law students to share his experience in the legal sector, as well as give them top tips for securing a graduate role or training contract after their degree.

Here at ARUL we want to help your career goals become a reality, to learn how our careers team could help you reach your career goals and aspirations contact our employability team at

Andraya's Story

Andraya's Story

MSc (Hons) International Project Management

Andraya Catlyn is currently studying for her Master’s in MSc International Project Management here at ARUL and was previously studying for a BSc in Business and Healthcare management. Andraya gave us an overview of her career history; having been the Director of Ace Inventories LTD for the past 7 years. Earlier this year Andraya decided to invest in a new business idea and became the co-founder of Simple Inventory Management.

Andraya’s rationale for starting her business was her own need for a simple, affordable inventory management solution. After realising there was a need within the market but unable to fulfil the technical skills required herself, she spoke to a few developers until finding the right one to partner with. Together, they quite quickly decided that there was a high demand for introducing the Simple Inventory System to the market.

Andraya is elated to be overseeing and promoting the success of the start-up. She believes the company will have a highly positive impact on the healthcare industry.

She is continually gaining professional experience and suggests her degrees from ARUL have contributed to her success by providing her with the theories, frameworks and up-to-date industry standards she needs to efficiently run her business. Andraya suggests that various modules have helped her identify gaps in the market, communicate with target markets, as well as plan business objectives.

Andraya found the Enterprise hub was helped extremely in her business journey, teaching her key skills and networking needed for success, including connecting her to her business partner in the Enterprise Hub networking group.

Andraya said she could not have succeeded with her business without the help of Trudi Hamer, former student alumni enterprise manager and without her she would not have met her business partner and started this venture.

Faculty members also helped her give the confidence she needed to start her business. Mike Raith and Tom Farnsworth’s belief in her ideas have been invaluable. Benjamin Taiwo has enabled her to bring the theory behind many frameworks and models to life.

If you are inspired by Andraya’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Wuraola's Story

Wuraola's Story

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

In February 2021, I completed a three-year degree at ARU London, obtaining a first-class BSc (Hons) in International Business Management.

I enjoyed my three years of study at ARU London, however, as 2021 began to notice that I missed my studies. I quickly realised I had promised myself a four-year study that would include a master’s degree instead of a foundation year. The outcome of my final result and my grade in the Operational and Project Management module motivated me to opt for further study on the MSc International Project Management course, especially since it has professional backing.  

I applied for the ARU London Masters Scholarship Scheme to continue with the second stage of an estate project in Africa that I embarked on during my undergraduate at ARU London. With the first stage now fully completed and occupied with tenants, the scholarship will help me to commence the project's second stage which now has the foundation built.

I completed my Masters degree with a Merit, and now work as a Business Analyst with Capgemini (UK branch). My master’s degree in International Project Management has proven that my hard work has paid off. My masters has given me hands-on experience in managing construction projects, and obtaining this master’s degree has enhance my future career aspirations and applications, and the skills I’ve learned will also help if I set up my own business. 

Thank you, ARU London, for making my dream a reality!

Josiane's Story

Josiane's Story

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

In 2022, Josiane was studying for a degree in Finance and Accounting here at ARU London after the decision to pursue her ambitions later in life. She was always drawn to finance and had strong numerical skills, so took the opportunity to gain a qualification in the field after finding the right time to do so in her life.  

Josiane anticipated simply getting a qualification but found that she gained much more than that from her degree. She attributes her success to the support network that she had at ARU London from her peers and faculty. The great staff on the Wellness and Employability teams helped her realise her full potential and apply for positions at some of the most reputable banks and finance corporations in the world.  She attributes the employability team to teaching her the resilience to keep applying for positions, despite the competition and giving her the confidence to know that the right job will come along eventually.  

After working closely with the careers team to reformat her CV in a 1-2-1 appointment, Josiane was elated when she landed an interview for a role as a Personal Assistant for the Technology Department at the Bank of England.  

Within her application, she was asked about what employable skills she had gained in her degree. Josiane was able to provide a lot of great evidence that she had built transferable skills which would prove valuable to the role. These included: 

  • Problem-solving in projects and group work 
  • Time management and efficiency with assignments  
  • Confidence and resilience in her studies and personal life  

The team were most impressed as they knew finance and numerical skills were only half of the role's demands. All these soft skills were critical, as the job entailed complex diary management, which required someone extremely solution-focused and driven to adapt quickly to challenges that might come their way. Josiane had proven her abilities with all the great work she had put into her degree here at ARU London and managed to secure the role.  

Josiane explained that her success in the interview was helped by the lovely team here at ARU London, such as her lecturers, who encouraged her to remain driven and helped her navigate a highly competitive job market.  Josiane is starting at the Bank of England and is thoroughly enjoying her role.  

If you are inspired by Josiane’s story and you would like some support, please email whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey. 

Janette's Story

Janette's Story

LLB (Hons) Law

Janette graduated from LLB (Hons) Law in 2019, today she works in HMP Brixton as Family Resettlement Team Leader. This is her story …

Janette had been working in education for 23 years, when her husband became extremely unwell, so she had to take some time away from work whilst he recovered. On her return to work they had started a restructure, which constrained her way of working so she took redundancy.  She was at a loss with what to do next, she had only ever worked in education. She thought to herself - ‘What can I do where I can talk all day?’ - and came up with the idea of going into Law.

Janette came across the ARU London Open Day for the Law degree, she attended. Next, she went through the full application process, which included a written entry test – she was delighted when she was offered a place on the LLB (Hons) Law course.

She recalls her first day back in 2016, in the Auditorium in the Charterhouse building, she was sitting at the front for Principal, David Sexton’s welcoming address. He explained that there was a bursary for students who attended on time every day, and she knew she would get this – she did. The Principal also told people to look around the room and be aware that not everyone would be there at the finish line on graduation day – from day one Janette had set her intention, she was going to give this her all.

Within 3 months, she was voted Student Representative for her course, she was a member of the Law Society and the Mooting Club, where she would practice how to argue and present cases, she even joined the British Library to satisfy her thirst for knowledge! Janette had fully immersed herself into her studies – so much so that she knew all the security guards in the building who would give her a 10 minute heads-up when they were going to close the building each night – she expresses how grateful she was for them keeping her safe.

Janette sat in the front row of all her lectures for the full 3 years. Reflecting upon this, she wanted to take all the information in with no distractions and to have eye contact and interaction with her lecturers. She built strong relationships with her lecturers who respected her attention and commitment to her studies.

All was going really well until tragedy struck, Janette lost 3 close family members, including her mother, in a short space of time, she could have deferred but she thought that if she gave up she would never come back. With the support of Sanja Lalic and her peers, Janette renewed her commitment to her studies, which she needed to keep her going through this difficult time.

Janette graduated shortly after; it was a beautiful day in October 2019 – the sun was shining. She had a huge feeling of accomplishment. She took a few months to relax and seriously started her job search in January 2020.  Janette applied for so many jobs, a few months down the line she was still trying. In May 2020, she received a call from Pact (Prison Advice and Care Trust) apologising for the delay in coming to consider her application and inviting her for an interview in just a few days. Janette presented to a panel of 3 and was offered the position of Family Resettlement Practitioner at HMP Brixton – it was ideal for her as she could combine her practical experience from her career in education with the academic learning from her Law degree – she cried tears of happiness!

Bedford's Story

Bedford's Story

MSc Health and Social Care

In February 2022, Bedford is completing his dissertation so in the absence of taught lectures he makes time to search for jobs. On the jobs-board Indeed, Bedford finds a Service Manager fixed-term contract position available working for the NHS, improving the service user experience. He reads through the job description understanding the core elements of the job and decides that he will apply.

Bedford decided to seek advice from Employability Team, so he made an appointment and worked on his CV with them. At the same time, he decided to engage with peers from his course, many of whom were already working in senior positions for the NHS and therefore able to support and guide him through the intricacies of the application process.

He submitted the application and was delighted to receive an invitation for interview shortly after. When preparing for his interview, Bedford recalled how one of his lecturers, Benjamin Taiwo, had expressed the importance of confidence in presenting oneself in a professional capacity.

When he attended the interview, Bedford was asked what 3 things he would change when he started the job. He had prepared extensively and used some examples from his work at university. The interview seemed to go well, and he was told to expect a response by the end of that week. Friday passed, then the weekend so Bedford really did not think he had succeeded. On Monday he happened to spot a missed call on his phone, he returned the call, and it was the hiring manager, who offered him the role there and then. Bedford describes this feeling as ‘unreal;’ - he could not believe it – he was being taken on at a managerial level in the NHS. He was extremely happy. Reflecting on his interview experience, Bedford describes it as an open dialogue, the panel were speaking with him rather than relentlessly questioning him, and they were letting him know what to expect from the role.

Bedford attributes his success to 3 things:

  • Dedication and commitment
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Education – what he learnt at ARU London helped him understand the fundamentals of the role.

6 months in, and Bedford is coming to the end of his fixed term contract. His manager encourages him to apply for the permanent job. Again, he performs brilliantly at interview and this time he can reference what he has delivered in the previous 6 months. Bedford says ‘never give up’ - he has totally transformed his career and is really enjoying his work.

If you are inspired by Bedford’s story and you would like some support, please email whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Richard's Story

Richard's Story

MSc International Project Management

Richard will soon start a new position as Graduate Project Consultant at an infrastructure and change management consultancy. From making the decision to study International Project Management, at postgraduate level to successfully securing this role, this is Richard’s story.

Richard comes from a scientific background, so when deciding on a career direction he looked for something between research and science where communications and being a subject matter expert were key. Next, he carried out extensive research looking for a course that was accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM) before finally making the decision to sign up to ARU London’s MSc. International Project Management degree.

Impressed with the quality of lecturers delivering his course, Richard noted that they each had plenty of industry exposure and experience. He particularly connected with two of his lecturers: Alessandro Spano and Gbadebo Ogunlami, both of whom positively impacted his experience at university. Alessandro focused on developing negotiation skills and Gbadebo on consultancy writing. The virtual consultancy report assignment offered particularly useful experience. Richard presented like a real consultant as part of the assessment, and the quality of the report was so professional that he was able to use it as part of the interview process for the role he recently secured.

Richard spent 3 months applying for jobs, unsuccessfully. He decided to tap into the expertise of his lecturers, and both Gbadebo and Alessandro gave the same feedback, and recommended that he started looking for roles where he could learn and grow, such as a graduate scheme. Richard took this advice onboard immediately and as soon as he shifted his job searching strategy he started to receive offers.

Richard reflects on his ‘amazing journey’. He was not expecting the value that he found at ARU London, and he was pleasantly surprised with the quality and commitment of all his lecturers. What he likes about the university is that if students commit to the course they will succeed. He was willing to identify and address his weaknesses as part of a journey of continuous self-improvement, fully collaborating with his lecturers to implement the changes that he needed to make to succeed.

Richard’s new role starts in a matter of weeks. He was made aware through the University that the Association for Project Management was holding a networking event with different speakers relevant to his career ambitions. Richard met a Senior Consultant from the company he is going to start with at this event – they spoke about the opportunity and exchanged contact details. Afterwards, Richard sent his CV over to this gentleman who invited him to an open day.

Richard attended the open day with candidates from several other universities; the brief for the day was to participate in a group task which was group project planning and setting milestones – the event streamlined the entire recruitment process. When Richard was offered a position the following week, he was delighted. Feedback from HR was that he was selected because he came across as supportive and helpful during the group task. Richard reflects that he was mindful during the task to ensure that all group members were heard and able to contribute.

Richard was able to use difficulties that he had he experienced in previous work as an Assistant Project Manager to create an objective and roadmap for his degree, and he took personal responsibility for his own development. Richard attributes his success to the exceptional support he received from his lecturers at ARU London and said he would strongly recommend his course to anyone serious about a career in project management or consultancy.

If you are inspired by Richard’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Ebere's Story

Ebere's Story

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Ebere is about to start a new position as Graduate Finance Trainee at Haringey Council. From seeing the opportunity advertised on Career Zone and completing the rigorous application and selection process, this is how Ebere navigated her career change as a mature student from working in Early Years to recently graduated Finance professional.

In 2019, Ebere joined ARU London to study an Accounting and Finance degree to kick off her career change. As well as studying for her degree, whilst at university Ebere decided to take advantage of the Employability Passport Schemes, she also undertook some one-to-one work with the Employability team to get her CV up to standard for the current jobs market. She said this was a particularly useful exercise, as what is expected from a CV had moved on quite a lot from her pre-university CV.

As part of her application for the traineeship, Ebere had to give written responses to questions about her skills and experience. In order to do this, she thought back to what she had learnt in the Passport sessions particularly how to use the STAR technique. She made it through to the next round, the online assessment centre, this comprised of a presentation where the brief had been given in advance and a group role play – the rationale of the group exercise was for hiring managers could see how she interacted with others in terms of communication, leadership and ‘equal voices’. Ebere made it through to the final stage, which was a face-to-face interview. She was offered a 4-year contract, which will see her working across several different operational departments within the Local Authority on tasks such as budgeting, savings, advising managers, setting targets and audit. This experience will enable her to see how the organisation works as whole, and she will spend no longer than 9 months in each department as part of her traineeship. Ebere is delighted to soon be starting as a Finance professional working towards CIPFA accreditation, a professional qualification in Public Finance.

If you are inspired by Ebere’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Joseph's Story

Joseph's Story

MBA International

After attending the Employability Passport sessions in the summer of 2021, a good 6 months before the end of his degree, Joseph realised that in order to progress into a rewarding job after his degree he would need to start researching and begin applying for graduate schemes. He already knew that he wanted to be a Data Analyst so he started looking for suitable organisations where he could pursue that career path.

Joseph also decided that he would work alongside his studies in a part-time role, which proved to be invaluable. He explained that whatever the job it was a vehicle for understanding the theories from his studies; he would learn and then be able to apply theory in the everyday tasks in the workplace – applied theory in action. He would recommend that all students do this, time permitting.

Joseph learnt a lot about himself during his quest for a graduate role. He reached a particular low point when he interviewed for a job he really wanted, but his nerves took over, he rushed his answers and because of this was unable to represent himself as a good fit for the role. Rejection led him to feeling very anxious, but he reached out to the Careers Team and between coaching from Sonia Lassami and Trudi Hamer he decided that he was not going to let this affect his confidence or ambition and he used that experience positively, for self-development.

Joseph took on the feedback from the unsuccessful interview, he also started to practice the STAR technique – Situation, Task, Action, Result. He developed a confidence in speaking about his skills, something that he had struggled with in the past as he is naturally quite a humble person.

The interview went well, Joseph was relaxed and confident, he had carried out research on the organisation and was able to deliver an authentic and compelling case as to why he was the ideal candidate for the role. The next week he had his dream job offer.

The stress and anxiety of his job search has been replaced by excitement as he starts his new role. He really likes the ethos of the company. He told us that this learning experience has taught him to focus on what you want and how you are going to get there. He has found the support he received from the Careers Team invaluable. Now he is about to start his career in an organisation that he already feels aligned with – he told us ‘... when you find the right company, you can feel it.’

If you are inspired by Joseph’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Raluca's Story

Raluca's Story

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

Raluca had made many job applications throughout the autumn, but her CV was not working for her. The response she was getting from recruitment agencies was that she should apply for entry level roles, even though she had 10 years’ experience of working at a senior level in her home country of Romania.

In January, she decided that she needed some UK experience, so she undertook some practical training and work experience.

At the beginning of March, Trudi from the Employability Team called to ask if she needed any help with her career development. Raluca explained her struggles and frustrations since graduation. Trudi asked to see Raluca’s CV and it was immediately obvious that Raluca was positioning herself as a recent graduate and underselling her skills and experience. Trudi explained that the first part of her CV, often referred to as the profile, should be tailored to her chosen role and champion her 10 years' work experience, her language skills and give rationale as to why she decided to undertake a degree as a mature student in the UK.

Raluca revised her CV. The profile now highlighted the responsibilities and achievements from her work experience. She had also changed her LinkedIn profile, so the headlines were more reflective of her skills and experience, and she was ready to go.

Within a week of using the updated CV, Raluca had one phone interview, 2 physical interviews, one video interview and 2 job offers. She contacted Trudi as she found it stressful making a decision. They talked through the pros and cons and also profiled each organisation to see if they aligned with Raluca’s personality and ambitions. In the end, Raluca was able to come to a positive decision and she started in the Accounts Department at the HQ of a national retailer on Monday 28 March 2022.

Raluca is happy that she engaged with ARU London’s Employability service as she now has a rewarding job offer. She would encourage any students or alumni struggling with their career progression to take advantage of these services. She is very appreciative of the University and all its support.

If you are inspired by Raluca’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Irina's Story

Irina's Story

BSc (Hons) International Business Management

Irina started working as Admissions Executive at a private school in Sussex on a temporary contract for 5 months. Towards the end of her contract, she saw a permanent role advertised internally for HR Administrator. Irina had always been keen to follow a career in HR but after being turned down for other HR roles she did not consider that she had the right experience. After much deliberation and with the support of her current manager, she decided to apply anyway; she is delighted to have been offered the role. This is her story ...

In March 2022, Irina felt she was stuck in a job with no prospects or future. She had recently completed her degree and knew she had to take action to change her career and her quality of life. She contacted the Employability team and worked closely with Anita Virik. They worked together to redraft her CV, and after several meetings produced a professional, well formatted document.

Irina then set out to secure a job, she applied for over 40 jobs and was invited for 10 interviews. For each interview she consulted with Anita; Anita prepared her on interview etiquette and technique and coached her – Irina could feel her confidence growing throughout this experience. This process taught Irina that not securing some jobs was in fact a positive thing as it helped understand more about what she wanted and where she needed to focus her attention. Finally, the role at the school came up, and 5 months in she has been offered a permanent position in Human Resources.

Irina attributes much of her success to her positive interactions with the Employability team, from the Passport sessions and Industry Exposure, whilst at university, to the ongoing one-to-one support in helping her navigate and make the right career choices. Industry Exposure was particularly inspiring for her, employers being willing to spare their time and share their knowledge to help students was a motivator to keep going in her job-search. Irina was happy to share her story and recommends that others make use of the range of support offered by the Employability team.

If you are inspired by Irina’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Adrian's Story

Adrian's Story

BSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management

In September 2021, Adrian secured an internship position with prestigious global technology company. This is the story of how he worked with the Employability and Employer Engagement teams to secure his position.

Adrian saw the advertisement for a 12-month internship in the field of Consulting. He immediately expressed an interest and wanted to find out more. After watching the recruitment video, familiarising himself with the full job description and researching the company, he decided that this was the role for him and submitted an application. Unfortunately, his application was rejected at this initial stage. Adrian was extremely disappointed, so he decided to ask for feedback as he was determined to find out where he went wrong to ensure that he would not make the same mistake in the future.

Adrian secured a meeting with ARU London’s Head of Employer Engagement, Anita Virik, where they discussed why his application was unsuccessful. Adrian explained why he wanted the role so much and how he considered that he was the right candidate for it. Anita referred him to the Employability Team to work on his CV. Adrian feels that his persistence and passion for the role impressed Anita, and she encouraged the employer to reconsider Adrian’s application.

Adrian met with Yas Kojouri, Careers Consultant in the Employability Team, and together they refined his CV. With the new CV he applied for the internship in July 2021 and he was selected for interview shortly after. The interview was an online presentation to a panel, it went well. Following a successful second interview, Adrian received an offer at the end of August to start in one month’s time. He was delighted.

Adrian was taken on with 2 other interns, on a temporary contract for one year, working towards Junior Consultant position as a permanent role.

On reflection, Adrian said that after 3 years investment in his studies this opportunity came at exactly the right time. Once he saw it, he knew the opportunity was too good to miss, he visualised himself in the role and went for it. Adrian is grateful for the support he received from Anita Virik, Yas Kojouri and the Employability Team.

His advice to others when making such an important career choice is: ‘Make sure the organisation you select is aligned with your personal values, do your research properly and it will pay off.’

If you are inspired by Adrian’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.

Ioana's Story

Ioana's Story

BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting

I came to London 7 years ago and started working in the hotel industry. Over the years I have worked in many departments. 

Based on the recommendation of a friend 3 years ago, I enrolled at Anglia Ruskin University, London on a BSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting course.

In the last year of my study, I started my work experience in the finance department as a volunteer. I was learning practically what the internal auditors, credit controllers, accounts payables and the purchasing team were doing. An opportunity then arose and I was hired as a Finance Assistant.

Working all year despite the pandemic, I gained practical knowledge and completed my study at ARU London. It was a challenge, but very rewarding as I was taught by very dedicated, experienced teachers and specialists and I was able to learn from their wealth of industry experience.

I obtained a new position within a hotel group as a Cluster Income Auditor. I strongly believe that the experience and my study at ARU London helped me to be successful in this role and I am proud that I found a graduate role that satisfies me.

Thank you one more time to ARU London and the teachers for all the help and support provided during my studies and even after.

Patricia's Story

Patricia's Story

MBA International

I asked myself two years ago when I came to London around the pandemic crisis, without having a job and with the cost of living that I had to cover: what are you doing today to achieve what you want to do in the future? All I knew was that I wanted to settle in the City of London. Even though I had a bachelor's in International Business and Economics, a master's in Marketing and Business Communication and had completed several international internships and work experiences, I knew that I need to do more to achieve my dreams, considering the circumstances I was in at the time. My determination and self-motivation prompted me to keep aiming up. After two months of applying to jobs in a market where many companies went bankrupt and we all lived in uncertainty, I decided to completely challenge myself by starting the International MBA at ARU London, getting out of my comfort zone, and learning from senior industry professionals to encapsulate the requirements of global businesses. And this was by far one of the best decisions and investments I have made in my future.

The ARU London MBA courses are designed to broaden people's knowledge and expertise and fulfil employers’ requirements, helping me to make amazingly fast progress in my career. During my studies, I had the opportunity to attend the Employability Scheme - a service with the specific objective of enhancing students’ future employment prospects. This includes CV workshops, interview techniques, career counselling and visits from prospective employers. With the unconditional support received from the Employability Team soon after completing the scheme and obtaining the Employability Passport, I received an amazing opportunity to start working as a Learning Resources Analyst at ARU London. During this experience, I have effectively led several projects and implemented innovative learning resources schemes with the great support of a super-efficient team and a great mentor, Aykut Ozkaya. I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity and for the amazing projects we developed together.

But during all this time, I continued to dream big because ‘all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them’ – Walt Disney. In my case, it all started with an exciting opportunity coming as a job announcement in my Student Email Inbox: ‘ARU London partner Hitachi Vantara is launching a year-long internship for graduates with interests in business and technology. By reading the first rows of this email I was sure that this opportunity is for me, it came at the perfect moment and I have never felt more prepared for a new stage than then. I started to design my CV and the cover letter and I contacted the Employability Engagement Team to proceed to the next stage. I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to extend my appreciation for the incredible guidance and support Daniel South (Employer Engagement Officer) and Anita Virik (Head of Employer Engagement) at ARU London offered to me. Both of these officers put in endless hours working on this project, each one showing professionalism and diligence.

The recruitment process was well structured, and it involved a presentation and an interview with the Hitachi Vantara staff. The presentation was very well designed and each step strengthened, even more, my conviction to join a company that invests in its people and has committed to building a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative digital solutions that answer society’s challenges. I am super proud and excited to say that now I joined the organisation as an Associate, and I am very much looking forward to seeing the opportunities coming from global business consultancy, data and digital transformation, IoT, data storage and analytics. But I will never forget the people who helped me to get there, who offered growth of skills support, knowledge, and experiences through extra-curricular sessions.

Alina's Story

Alina's Story

BSc Business and Events Management 

Alina, a BSc Business and Events Management student, joined the Enterprise Hub programme in April 2022 where she came up with the idea of launching an e-commerce company specialising in fine wine. This was presented in September at the Start-Up Hackathon Festival, organised by the ARUL in collaboration with the 12Ronnies.

The concept is a Business to Consumer company that supplies premium wine to customers, across the UK through a reliable online platform and app.  Alina’s priority is establishing networks with premium wine companies for her wine-businesses activities before she starts selling to consumers. What motivated Alina was her experience working in the hospitality industry, where she learnt a lot about premium alcohol. She also credits her university-related projects which helped her develop her leadership skills. Taking on the role of Course Champion for the Business and Events profile and supporting as a Student Ambassador during Welcome Week helped her build her confidence to tackle a start-up company, 

To prepare for launching her business Alina undertook a lot of research on the UK market, such as customer needs, as well as business planning and brand concepting.  Her course here at ARUL in BSc in Business and Events Management helped her understand the necessary frameworks to help her build her start-up.

Being interested in both businesses and events since she was young, she was able to fulfil her lifelong ambitions with the help of the Employability Team here at ARUL. Particularly, she praises the Employability department and the Foundation 12Ronnies affiliated with the Enterprise Hub programme. The scheme has provided her with valuable support in her journey towards her business idea.

If you are inspired by Alina’s story and you would like some support, please email - whether you are a current student or alumni the Careers Team is there to support and empower you on your career journey.


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